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A Reploid Farmer, without a custom picture
Age: ??
Race: Reploid
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: None

Prometheus was a kind-hearted reploid farmer that was first recorded getting involved with trying to help the the Imbibobot transform the Rabite Forest into what it called the Promised Land. For his efforts, the Imbibobot declared him the Pope in the religion of Alcoholism. Afterward, Prometheus would get involved with his farming and personal life and was not a part of the robots antics until a chance encounter in Viorar days later.

World Notes

Agricultural Log: Day 749


Year 350

Chaos and Drink Arc

Part 2: Promised Land

  • Imbibobot creates the religion of Alcoholism when it involves Cedeno, Jane, the reploid Prometheus, and the ranboob priest Ghostfish in its quest to get an axe and liberate treestumps in Rabite Forest from their trees.
    • Declares Prometheus the Pope of Alcoholism and Ghostfish a Deacon.
    • Cedeno gets lost in the Cave of Waterfalls and does not return.
    • Never gets around to actually chopping any trees down.

Part 5: The Pilgrimage

  • The Imbibobot, with Dusk and Kolem, search for this inebriated Kirby god in the Truce Bar, but, when they can't find it, they end up following the drunk ramblings of Thoban to Viorar.
    • Cedeno gets involved once more, after encountering the robot in Truce, and tags along to Viorar.
    • Dusk convinced Imbibobot to got to Viorar, declaring Thoban a messenger from god, and clearly had an ulterior motive for being involved.
      • Thoban went along with the spiritual quest because he believed he could get a money and free drinks out of them.
    • Kolem just wanted to meet the Kirby who convinced Imbibobot it was a god.
  • Immediately going to the Mischievous Spirit bar, the group encounters Prometheus before the Imbibobot seizes up and stops functioning completely.
    • The Manager of the facility declared it a murder and called the police.