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First you draw a circle..


POPSTAR... ridin' on the hood of a car


                STR INT WIS DEX CON
Starting Stats: 12  13  12  13  15
Maximum Stats:  16  18  17  20  18

Kirbies have the Float affect always on. They also hunger twice as fast as normal, but spells cast on them from food or pills are at 150% effectiveness.

Kirbys can type 'eat all' to consume all their edible items at once. They won't even stop once they're full. Pills and similar items will have their normal effects, although they will happen all at once.

Kirbies are one of the small-sized races in the Cleft of Dimensions.

Bonus Skills

At level 25, Kirbies receive the Inhale skill, which has a lag time of 6 beats.

The inhale skill attempts to instantly kill an enemy. The chance of success depends on the enemy's size and HP, where larger enemies and more healthy enemies are more difficult to inhale. It can also be resisted as a wind-type status effect.

On a successful inhale, the enemy will be killed without granting any experience or gold. It also won't leave a corpse, but may leave a body part. The inhaler will receive a large amount of satiation and fullness, based on the enemy's size. Any nosac items in the victim's inventory will be spit out, but the rest will be destroyed.

The inhaler may also gain a skill from the inhaled enemy, based on its damage type. The percentage will be the average of the victim's level and the inhaler's inhale skill percent. Most enemies will not grant a skill. Inhaling another enemy will remove any granted skill, even if the new victim doesn't grant one!