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Is this a Jane?
Age: ??
Race: Human(?)
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: None

Jane was a being of unknown species and origin that was convinced that she was the only real female that existed in the Cleft.

She got involved helping the Imbibobot transform the Rabite Forest into what it called the Promised Land, but did so more to join them at the nectar shrine in the forest than she did to actually be involved.


Chaos and Drink

Year 350

  • Imbibobot creates the religion of Alcoholism when it involves Cedeno, Jane, the reploid Prometheus, and the ranboob priest Ghostfish in its quest to get an axe and liberate treestumps in Rabite Forest from their trees and create the Promised Land as described by Fishspill, the kirby the robot believed was god.
    • Declares Prometheus and Ghostfish Deacons.
    • Cedeno gets lost in the Cave of Waterfalls and does not return.
    • Never gets around to actually chopping any trees down.