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Unknown Location

May 8 of the year 323

Dryad's Day

My friend, Maximus, and I, Despa, were out strolling along in and old and decaying temple. We were on a hunt for some goodies, but we weren't having a lot of luck, unfortunately. Maxiumus had been picking up a few cursed items, so he was rather burdened.

But then we made it to the one who knew all knowledge, and we tried to destroy this figure, but my runic skill was malfunctioning at the time. Before I knew it, I had been seriously hurt by this omniscient and all-powerful being. I thought I was dead right then, but something interesting happened. As I was flung away from my dear friend, Maximus, I felt someone tugging at me, trying to get my attention, I believe. This someone was beautiful, and she looked upon me with loving and tender eyes, healing my wounds without a word.

Then she spoke to me. She said, "My child.. be my bodyguard.."

I replied, "Only if my friend Maximus may help me."

She said, "Very well then. You are my White SeeDs now." And thus, I am now the bodyguard and protector of the wonderful Melfina.

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