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Currently a hermit
Age: ??
Race: Reploid
Status: Alive, somewhere
Affiliation: None


Former leader of the Maverick Hunters, before that organization disbanded. Signas wandered the continent for several months before returning to the Truce area. Upon his return, he offered his skills as a commander and strategist to the Truce Militia, to help combat the Koopa Troops. He served as Captain of the Truce Southern Garrison.

During the invasion of Truce, Axl and Signas snuck aboard the airship of Roy Koopa, defeating him and rescuing a hostage.

I forget what happened after that but he left the Militia and stayed in the Truce area, keeping a low profile.


Signas is as strong and as agile as a fit and athletic human. While his mental and physical endurance is greater than that of most people, he does need to sleep like a normal person.

Signas's armor is a high-tech durable metal alloy. It's also part of his body, and he can't take it off, except for the helmet.

Signas is skilled with most weapons, but specializes in swords. He is also trained as a combat tactician.

As a last resort, Signas can use up his energy reserves to shoot lasers from the gems in his chest. This leaves him severely weakened and also probably unconscious.