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With training and practice, this could be YOU!!

Technically, Spells are just Skills that don't have their own functions; they are all used by typing 'cast' followed by the name of the spell. This gives all spells some common properties.

Remember that you can always type help <spell name> in the game itself to get skill info.

The slookup <skill/spell name> command can also show additional interesting info.

Spell Usage

The base chance of a spell succeeding is slightly greater than the player's skill% in that spell. If a spell fails to cast, the player receives the 'lost your concentration' message and only 1/3 of the normal mana cost is used. There is always a 2% chance of spell failure, however.

  • The Deliver spell is exceptional in that there is no base 2% failure chance, but the amount of mana consumed on failing is half its normal cost. I don't know why this is.

Attempting to cast a spell causes a set amount of lag to the player, depending on the spell used.

When a monster casts a spell, it goes through a different but similar function; most notably, mob spells don't consume mana, don't cause lag, and ignore cooldown.

No player spells can be cast when the player is sitting, resting, or sleeping. Some can only be cast out of combat, but there are none yet that can only be cast in combat.

Because of their common activation requirements, Spells can also be used via items like potions and wands. This differentiates them from skills.

Spell Modifiers

There are several flags that can affect the way spells get cast. Unless otherwise noted, all these affects apply when mobs cast spells as well.

  • The Choke flag reduces the level of any spell cast by 1/4.
  • Berserk, Seraph Form, or Oozaru characters can't cast spells at all! This is not true for mobs.
  • The Reflect flag (granted by the Wandering Eye spell) will make offensive and defensive spells bounce back to their caster. Area-effect spells are unaffected.