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All characters in the Cleft of Dimensions get access to various skills as they level up.

Remember that you can always type help <skill name> in the game itself to get skill info.

The slookup <skill/spell name> command can also show additional interesting info.

Common Properties

Unlike Spells, skills are not bound by the common framework of 'cast'. Because of this, every single skill can have its own totally unique properties and activation conditions. On the other hand, skills can't be coded onto magical items.

Usually, skills are used by typing the name of the skill OR they have a passive chance of activating while doing other things. 'Active' skills usually can't be used if you have no Movement Points and will generate some lag, but don't use any mana.

Weapon Skills

Weapon skills are a group of skills that are chosen when you create your character. Each skill governs the use of one type of weapon, and different character classes get to choose different numbers of these skills, between one and three, from the following list:

  • Short Slashing
  • Short Bashing
  • Short Piercing
  • Long Slashing
  • Long Bashing
  • Long Piercing
  • Melee
  • Projectile

The Reploid race's armcannon skill is a weapon skill for all intents and purposes. The Warlord class's Lord of War skill is technically a weapon skill too.

During normal combat, a character's base chance of hitting a foe is half of their weapon skill plus 50%. If you are wielding a weapon that you don't have the appropriate skill for, the effective weapon skill is only 50%. The high miss rate from being unskilled can be offset with a high Hitroll stat, or by the Merchant class's Enchant Weapon spell.

Weapon skills also govern how much damage a character can deal with a weapon. Your Damroll stat is modified by your weapon skill; a character with 10 damroll but only 80% skill will only do 8 extra damage per attack. The completely unskilled have an effective skill of only 50%, which means only half of the character's damroll will apply to attacks. In addition, the base damage of the weapon is halved for the unskilled as well.

The damage penalty for being unskilled can be negated by wielding a weapon with any number of Enchant Weapon skills applied to it, though.

The amount of skill with your wielded weapon also affects:

  • The success rate of the Disarm skill, used by you or against you!
  • The amount of extra damage gained from the Sharp weapon flag

Exotic type weapons are always treated as if the wielder has 100% skill.

  • 2x-cut - Level: 25 - Lag: ---
The 2x-cut skill grants the user a chance at an extra attack during every round of combat. The effectiveness of this skill suffers dramatic reduction with exceptionally heavy weapons, and it works best when the user is skilled with their weapon in addition to 2x-cut.
Successive extra attacks deal decreasing fractional damage of the first attack.
  • 3x-Cut - Level: 45 - Lag: ---
The 3x-cut skill is a passive ability that allows for extra attacks. The skill is only checked for after a successful second strike. The weight of the weapon affects how successful a 3x-cut strike will be, with lighter weapons having an increased chance for a third attack.
Successive extra attacks deal decreasing fractional damage of the first attack.
  • Bash - Level: 1 - Lag: 16
Bash can be used either during combat or to initiate combat. Bash allows the user to slam into his opponent, knocking him to the ground. Opponents knocked to the ground will be unable to use certain skills until they stand up. A failed bash leaves the user open to attack.
Bash uses a complicated series of calculations to determine if it works or not. It factors in: attacker carry weight, defender carry weight, character sizes, attacker's strength, defender's dexterity, whether either characters are hasted, the defender's AC vs bash-type attacks, the level difference between characters, and if the target has the Dodge skill.
  • Beguile - Level: 5 - Lag: 12
When using this skill, the dancer becomes more friendly toward the target. They suffer a Saves penalty. If a Dance power is used on them while they are beguiled, the savespenalty will turn into a damroll penalty. The damroll penalty from multiple Beguiles stacks. Beguile will not trigger itself. This skill is not considered aggressive. Save attempts against being Beguiled will ignore both the caster's and victim's level.
Beguile is considered Melancholic.
  • Berserk - Level: 30 - Lag: 16
Berserk is a skill which grants the user improved hitroll and damroll at the expense of armor class. On use, it substantially heals the user and causes him to go 'berserk,' altering the display for the short period. When berserk status wears off, the user is drained of movement points and becomes substantially more hungry.
You cannot cast spells while in Berserk mode. The hitroll amd damroll bonsues of berserk are greatest when the skill is invoked while the user has low hit points - the skill is also more likely to succeed when the user has low health. For reploids, the berserk skill increases thirst instead of hunger.
This ability adds 25 to your super bar.
  • Boil - Level: 55 - Lag: 36
Boil is how a Witch produces her various potions. It requires that a cauldron is present, and needs body parts (not corpses) to work. The brewer does not know when this skill fails, and a failed potion can be poisonous to consumers. Chunks of meat from the Butcher skill can also be boiled.
  • Brinksmanship - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
Brinksmanship is a skill that can be toggled. When active, brinksmanship heals the user whenever he or a groupmate defeats an enemy, if the user is at low HP. The amount healed strongly depends on the user's remaining HP, healing nearly to full if the user has 1 HP and healing negligibly if the user has more than 40% or so HP.
Brinksmanship's healing does not depend on skill percentage. Brinksmanship will not heal if the defeated enemy is 10 or more levels below the user or if the defeated enemy does not award XP.
  • Choke - Level: 45 - Lag: 12
By using their formidable strength in the simplest of motions, one can crush an enemy's throat. This deals bashing damage, and the victim will suffer a 25% reduction in damage dealt by their abilities.
  • Circle - Level 3 - Lag: 6
It does 1.5x the damage of a regular attack, but it has more lag and is prone to miss unless used immediately after a successful dodge; at which point it is guaranteed to hit.
  • Commune - Level: 30 - Lag: 12
A core skill of the Terraformer, the Commune skill lets one absorb the essence of the land itself, carrying the terrain around with them. The carried terrain can then be activated to replace the actual landscape for several other spells. 'Commune get' will add the terrain of the current room to the top of the stack. Existing terrains on the stack will be pushed down, and the bottom one dropped. Up to three terrains can be carried at one time.
'Commune show' or just 'Commune' will display a list of your current terrains. 'commune rotate' shuffles communed sectors, while 'Commune drop' will drop the top one and move the others up. The 'dominion' command activates the top terrain on your stack. While active, some spells (like Geomance) use the activated terrain instead of the actual room's terrain. Some spells can also consume the false terrain you have activated.
  • Counterspell - Level: 65 - Lag: 0 - Mana: 0*
Counterspell is a skill that can be toggled. When active, it allows the user to immediately counterattack any offensive spell with a Tier 1 offensive spell of his innate. The counterspell induces no lag but costs twice the MP of a regular Tier 1 spell. The probability of counterspell activating is based on the user's skill percentage in counterspell.
  • Crash - Level: 40 - Lag: 12
This skill wrecks your motorcycle (see: PHANTOM MOTORCYCLE) or other ridden vehicle to cause a large amount of damage to the target. You must be riding a vehicle when you use this skill. Crashing higher-capacity vehicles will deal more damage, and crashing your motorcycle prevents you from summoning another for several minutes.
  • Cultivate - Level: 12 - Lag: 32
A geomancer can use the cultivate skill to forage for fresh fruits and vegetables in a room. This skill costs some movement points and will never work if there is no overgrowth in the room.
  • Defend - Level: 55 - Lag: 6
This skill takes the user into a defensive posture for one to two combat rounds. While in a defensive posture, the user takes 25% damage from all attacks but cannot initiate attacks of his own. Additionally, the user's status counts as 'sitting' for the duration of the skill, conveying all modifiers that sitting normally would in combat.
  • Dirt Kick - Level 10 - Lag: 12
Kicking dirt into their target's eyes, or any other form of debris, the player can temporarily blind the target - lowering their hitroll and removing their ability to see. This skill can be used during combat or to initiate it.
  • Disarm - Level: 35 - Lag: 24
Disarm is an active skill that can only be used during combat. Using their weapon or hands, a player can fling a weapon from their opponent's hands. The opponent must be wielding a weapon for this skill to work.
  • Dodge - Level 2 - Lag: ---
Dodge is a passive skill that allows a character to deftly avoid attacks. Unlike similar defensive skills, dodge is not at all affected by what sort of equipment the user wears.
Dodge has a skill/4% chance to work, halved when you can't see the attacker.
  • Doppelganger - Level: 40 - Lag: 18
An active skill, the doppelganger ability allows the player to create a copy of themselves to take their place in combat. With the clone in place, the player may then flee. The clone drains the player's HP (at a rate of 10% of their max HP), and while it can take the damage, it cannot dish it out. The doppelganger skill can let you flee through a firetrap -- yours or anyone else's.
  • Double Image - Level: 50 - Lag: 12
The double image skill causes an afterimage of the user to appear, obscuring their location. Any damaging skill, spell, or special attack against the user has a 50% chance to hit the image instead, nullifying the attack and (usually) the illusion.
  • Dual Wield - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
Dual wield is a skill that allows the player to wield a second,one-handed weapon. With the dual wield skill, the player has a chance to strike with an extra attack during combat, using their secondary weapon. Secondary weapons are functional for the purposes of skills requiring a specific type of wielded weapon
  • Echomagic - Level: 40 - Lag: ---
Echomagic is a toggled skill. When active, all offensive spells will hit a second time, several pulses after the original spell.
This increases the mana cost of the original spell by 50%. The power of the echoed spell increases with skill.
The echoed spell will target whoever the caster is currently fighting.
  • Embalm - Level: 40 - Lag: 32
Embalming is the art and science of preserving someone's remains to forestall their decomposition. Using this skill on a targeted corpse will keep it from decaying, allowing the owner to keep the corpse stashed away for future use.
  • Endure - Level: 55 - Lag: 6
While this skill is active, you cannot be reduced below 1 HP by any attack that would normally kill you. However, it lasts 3 rounds only and a very long cooldown.
  • Entangle - Level: 30 - Lag: 12
Entangle debilitates an opponent with a whiplike weapon, causing slowness, reducing dexterity, and possibly causing the opponent to fall to the ground. Entangle only works while wielding a long slashing weapon.
  • Fallback - Level: 10 - Lag: 12
This skill allows the user to divert his enemy's attacks to one of his groupmates. Using fallback will cause whoever the user is fighting to begin fighting the target, instead. Only groupmates and pets are valid targets for the fallback skill.
  • Firetrap - Level: 45 - Lag: 18
Used during combat, the firetrap skill allows the player to create a ring of fire that will prevent anyone in the room from fleeing. If they attempt to flee, they will take fire damage. Those immune to fire, however, can pass through the ring and flee normally.
  • Fling - Level: 34 - Lag: 16
This ability allows the user to toss a wielded "short piercing" weapon at the enemy. Doing so will cause triple the regular damage of the weapon to the opponent. The thrown dagger will either bounce to the ground or be stuck in the opponent (in which case it goes to their inventory). By caching extra weapons to throw, heavy damage can be inflicted with fling.
  • Forecast - Level: 55 - Lag: 16 - Move Cost: 30
Using their insight into future events, Time Mages can forecast the imminent doom of their enemies. If a Time Mage's enemy dies by either his or a groupmate's attack, the forecast comes true, and a damroll bonus is gained. The user can attempt to string together several consecutive forecasts for a cumulative damroll bonus.
  • Fumes - Level: 45 - Lag: 24
A combative skill, the fumes ability allows the player to drop canisters, unleashes a poison attack on anyone not grouped with them. The fewer the exits there are, the more potent the attack. The gas contains a toxin capable of poisoning foes like the Blight spell.
  • Giganto Wrestling(Style) - Level: 65 - Lag: ---
Giganto wrestling is a style that increases the player's hitroll by 10%, increases damroll by 5%, and worsens AC by 3. It has a chance to cause damaging body slam attacks in combat. Additionally, it increases the proficiency of the user's grappling skill.
With this style active, you can Suplex even immovable mobs, although they still won't go anywhere.
  • Gilgame Heart - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
No pain, no gain, epitomizes the gilgame heart skill. Passive, it allows the player to convert their loss of blood into silver. With each point of health the player loses in combat, there is a chance that it will be converted into a silver coin. The amount of damage taken equals the amount of silver gained, at least when the skill is mastered.
  • GP-Toss - Level: 30 - Lag: 16
A skill of combat, gptoss can be used by the player to unleash a wave of damage on the target by utilizing the player's gold coin supply. If gold is not available silver will be used, but at a lesser potency.
  • Grapple - Level: 20 - Lag: 8
By using the grapple skill, the player attempts to lock down his opponent with a wrestling move. While grappling, automatic combat is disabled for both the player and his target. Both characters can still attempt special skills, although damage dealt by the player to the target will break the grapple hold.
Some moves can only be used on a grappled opponent. Specifically, suplex, piledriver, and joint lock will only work during a grapple. Giganto Wrestling grants +25% success to grapple attempts.
  • Haggle - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
With the haggle skill, a player can convince a shopkeeper to sell an item for less than marked. Likewise, a player can also convince a shopkeeper to buy something for more than its original cost. This skill is passive and is checked each time the player buys or sells something.
  • Hammerhand - Level: 51 - Lag: 18
Hammerhand allows the user to attack multiple opponents in one room. The first opponent is smashed so hard by the fist that he is sent flying backwards into other enemies in the room, creating a chain reaction of hits. Hammerhand only works while wielding a melee weapon.
  • Handspring - Level: 60 - Lag: 16
Use handspring to vault off the ground and kick your opponent in the face, dealing damage. Handspring can only be used while on the ground, and it has a chance to knock your opponent to the ground and daze him. The defend state can be cancelled into a handspring attack. Additionally, handspring will cancel the user out of the dazed status. This ability adds 20 to your super bar.
  • Heave - Level: 33 - Lag: 16
With this ability, the user may heave their inventory at the enemy, dealing bash damage and knocking them down. The damage dealt is based on how many items you are carrying. Using this skill will not make you lose any of your inventory.
  • Hide - Level 8 - Lag: 6
Hide allows the user to obscure his presence, preventing detection by most. Using this skill gives no success or failure message, however.
The only things that will un-hide you are: moving between rooms, initiating combat, and using the VISIBLE command.
  • Human Brawling(Style) - Level: 17 - Lag: ---
Human brawling is a style that reduces the player's hitroll by 10% and increases their damroll by 20%. It also has a chance to initiate secondary attacks during combat, such as eye gouges (which cause blindness), tail yanks, toe stepping, and arm twists. However, these attacks are only capable if the target has said body parts.
When using Lunge with this style active against something with guts, you have a chance to Daze it.
  • Hylian Fencing(Style) - Level: 46 - Lag: ---
Hylian fencing is a style that improves hitroll by 15%. It has a chance to initiate extra attacks with your weapon but only after a round in which your foe successfully dodged, parried, or blocked an attack with a shield. With this style active, the debuff from Riposte can stack on a target.
  • Iaido - Level: 60 - Lag: ---
Iaido is a passive skill that allows the player to turn the 'wield' command into an attack. With one swift motion, a player will simultaneously execute an extra attack when wielding a new weapon. This skill has an 8 second cooldown.
  • Incite - Level: 55 - Lag: 16
A crafty, stealthy ninja can trick his enemies into fighting one another. The incite skill uses a ruse to trick one target, the aggressor, into starting a fight with a second target, the victim.
Incite is much less likely to work if either target can see the user. Mobs that would normally assist each other in a fight are less likely to be incited against one another. Neither the aggressor nor the user can already be fighting.
  • Indomitable - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
The mettle and prowess of Cavaliers allows them to deal extra damage to strike down their foes, at least when the Cavaliers aren't beaten and worn-down. Indomitable is a passive skill that provides bonus damage to healthy Cavaliers.
An uninjured Cavalier has his damage boosted 50%, but the strength of this bonus declines as the Cavalier becomes more injured. Increased skill in indomitable decreases the rate of this decline. For reasons of gallantry and honor, indomitable's bonus only applies if the Cavalier's target is targeting the Cavalier.
  • Joint Lock - Level: 38 - Lag: 8
Using joint lock, the player snaps and twists various important parts of his opponent, completely depleting his movement points and reducing his dexterity.
Joint lock can only be used on a grappled opponent, but it has a 100% success rate against such opponents.
This ability adds 25 to your super bar.
  • Jumi Aikido(Style) - Level: 57 - Lag: ---
Jumi aikido is a style that reduces damroll by 25% and improves AC by 6. Aikido allows a warrior to sometimes counterattack while using the defend skill, returning between 1/4 and 3/4 of damage dealt back to the attacker.
  • Kick - Level 5 - Lag: 18
Kick is a skill that can be used once the user is already in combat. Kick launches a flying kick at the enemy, causing damage. If the user's dexterity is high enough, up to two additional kicks can be comboed into the first one, causing additional damage. Kick does bashing damage based on the user's level.
  • Koopa Boxing(Style) - Level: 17 - Lag: ---
Koopa boxing is a style that increases the player's damroll by 10% and hitroll by 10%. In addition, it improves AC by 3. It has a chance to initiate extra attacks in the way of uppercuts, jabs, cross punches, and hook punches.
With this style active, the Smash skill will sometimes knock an enemy unconscious, like the Sleep spell.
  • Leadership - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
This passive skill allows the user to control up to four followers at a time. It activates automatically once it is practiced to 60%.
  • Lionhearted - Level: 37 - Lag: ---
Templars are paragons of courage, and they only get fiercer the closer they are to being defeated. Lionhearted is a passive skill that provides bonus damage to wounded Templars. A Templar on his last hit point has his damage boosted %50, but the strength of this bonus declines as the Templar is less injured. Increased skill in lionhearted decreases the rate of this decline.
For reasons of gallantry and honor, lionhearted's bonus only applies if the Templar's target is targeting the Templar.
  • Lobsterman Eskrima(Style) - Level: 43 - Lag: ---
Lobsterman eskrima is a style that improves the combat skills whose damage is dependent on your wielded weapon when you are not wielding a weapon. It can initiate extra attacks of the same damagetype as your weapon. It also improves damroll by 15%. With this style active, you can use the disarm skill with no weapon equipped, and have an increased chance of parrying incoming attacks.
  • Lord of War - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
Demonstrating his mastery of weaponry, a player with the lord of war skill has access to all weapon types. Lord of war is a passive skill that grants a player a minimum weapon proficiency equal to his lord of war proficiency.
  • Lunge - Level: 10 - Lag: 32
Lunge executes a daring attack, dealing three times your weapon's regular damage in a single strike. However, the user will incur substantial combat lag and also be dazed for several subsequent rounds. This skill can only be used while wielding a weapon.
Human Brawling gives the Lunge skill a chance to inflict daze on opponents with guts (i.e., a stomach/intestines to punch).
  • Manashield - Level: 20 - Lag: 4
This is a toggle skill that causes all damage directed toward the caster to deplete mana instead of HP, at twice the rate.
  • Mantra - Level: 55 - Lag: 8
By chanting a mantra, the user can recover some health and briefly improve his AC. Using this skill will completely drain your super bar, and it requires at least three stars on the super bar to have any effect.
  • Nature Empathy - Level: 5 - Lag: ---
Nature empathy is used in conjunction with Overgrowth. With nature empathy, health, mana, and move regeneration is accelerated in overgrown rooms. For each level of overgrowth, regeneration is increased by 50%. It is a passive skill and works automatically.
  • Overpower - Level: 2 - Lag: 6
The Overpower skill is an opportunistic assault which works best on a Dazed opponent. It does awful damage and has poor speed during normal combat, but when used many times rapidly on a Dazed foe, it can generate a lot of damage. This skill will not work on an opponent who is not Dazed and using this skill on a non-dazed opponent will incur lag.
The Dazed status is usually caused by Bash, Trip, and Lucent Beam, although a few other abilities can apply it as well.
This ability adds 10 to your super bar.
  • Palm - Level 25 - Lag: 0
A skill of greed, the palm skill allows the player to pick up an object from the ground without being noticed. A failed attempt will only give the same echo that would be given if the player had just typed 'get <object>'.
  • Parry - Level: 5 - Lag: ---
Parry is a passive skill that allows a character to use his own weapon to block an opponent's attacks. As parrying involves blocking an opponent's weapon with the user's own, it is impossible to parry empty-handed.
Parry has a (skill/4 + weapon weight/3)% chance to work. This chance is halved when blind.
  • Peek - Level: 35 - Lag: 4
The peek skill allows the user to look into the inventories of other players or mobiles. This skill has a chance to activate whenever the user looks at someone, revealing the full contents of the target's inventory.
  • Phalanx - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
Phalanx is a passive skill that allows a character to defend his groupmates. In order to use phalanx, shield block must already be practiced. Phalanx, when successful, will execute shield blocks for the character's allies.
Phalanx has a base (shieldblock + phalanx)/7% chance to work, with a slight increase when defending lower-level groupmates.
  • Pick Lock - Level 15 - Lag: 12
Using picks, dexterous hands, or precise force, a player can unlock a once locked door or container. Exits and objects vary in difficulty in locks; some may be easier to open than others, while some may only be opened via the pick lock ability.
  • Piledriver - Level: 50 - Lag: 16
The user flips his opponent upside-down and smashes his head into the canvas, dealing heavy damage and bringing both user and opponent to the ground. Piledriver's damage increases with the player's strength, and it does more damage against smaller opponents. Piledriver will daze the opponent or, if he is already dazed, it will cause confusion. Piledriver will not work if the opponent is already on the ground.
Piledriver can only be used on a grappled opponent, but it has a 100% success rate against such opponents.
This ability adds 25 to your super bar.
  • Power Surge - Level: 65 - Lag: ---
A caster who invokes a power surge calls upon a mighty, if unreliable, force to strengthen his magic. While power surge is toggled on, all cast spells will enjoy a 50% power boost but suffer a 20% increased failure rate.
  • Preeminence - Level: 50 - Lag: ---
This passive skill allows the user to control up to five followers at a time. It activates automatically once it is practiced to 60%.
  • Provoke - Level: 10 - Lag: 12
Provoking your target enrages them, upping their Damroll. However, their furor will lower their armor rating. This skill also inflicts the Faerie Fire affect, which negates(but does not remove) Invisibility. You can provoke your own allies as well.
Provoke costs 10 Move to use.
Provoke is considered Energizing.
  • Pry - Level 20 - Lag: 18
Pry is an active skill. With their weapon or hands, a player can pry off an item in the <hold> or <shield> slot of their opponent. A failed attempt will initiate an attack.
The base chance is your skill%
If the victim is asleep, then that chance is +50% If he can't see you, it's +25% And for every size category difference, there is a +/-10% modifier.
  • Ration - Level: 10 - Lag: 16
This skill will divide any food object in your inventory into two equal parts which have half of the Food and Full hours. The new food also has half the weight and any spells present in it have their level halved. Rationed food may have slightly increased Food hours at higher skill levels.
  • Rescue - Level: 10 - Lag: 12
This skill allows the user to rescue another character from combat. Using rescue will cause the user to take the place of the target in combat, saving the target from further harm. Rescue may only be attempted on players or pets.
  • Repent - Level: 55 - Lag: 16
Atone for your mistakes! This skill drains the user's MV completely to restore an amount of HP proportional to how much MV they had.
  • Riposte - Level: 8 - Lag: 4
The riposte skill allows the user to follow up a parry with a defense-dropping blow. It will worsen the target's AC by 15 but only works when used immediately after a round in which you successfully parried an attack.
  • Risk - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
Do you feel lucky, punk? Well set your Risk level to Most! Gamblers control the randomization of their abilities by modifying the acceptable level of Risk associated with them. Risk without an argument sets your risk to Neutral (in between More and Less).
Higher risk polarizes your dice rolls. With Risk Most, you are most likely to get Very High Damage or Very Low Damage rolls. With Risk Least, you will be most likely to roll dead average.
Syntax: risk [Most/More//Neutral/Less/Least]
  • Roadblock - Level: 50 - Lag: ---
Roadblock is a skill that can be toggled. With this skill active, the user will use his vehicle like a barricade, letting it absorb all damage from incoming attacks. If the vehicle takes too much damage, it will be destroyed.
A vehicle has the same defenses as its rider and has HP equal to three times its level.
  • Runic - Level: 60 - Lag: 12
Runic is an active skill that can be used at any time. You must be wielding a weapon to enchant it with a Runic aura. The next magical attack that is targeted at the user will be absorbed for no damage, and the runic aura will dissipate. The magic absorbancy does not last long and there is a fairly long cooldown time associated. Runic works against spells and spell-like abilities.
  • Saiyan Karate(Style) - Level: 17 - Lag: ---
Saiyan karate is a style that increases the player's damroll by 15%. It also has a chance to initiate secondary attacks in the form of chops, palm strikes, kicks, and knee strikes.
With this style active, Bash has much less of a penalty for failing to hit the target, and Overpower has a reduced penalty for hitting a non-dazed foe.
  • Scuppered - Level: 40 - Lag: ---
With this passive ability, being an alcoholic won't be entirely detrimental to your advancement. At the expense of accuracy, you gain a bonus to damage while drunk.
  • Sense Hidden - Level 15 - Lag: ---
The sense hidden skill provides the user with a chance to detect hidden characters. The user will have a chance to notice hidden characters whenever he looks in a room. Unlike other sources of detection, this skill is never assured to work. It may only reveal some or none of the characters hidden in a room.
  • Shatter - Level: 40 - Lag: 16
A user of the shatter skill can strike his opponent in a way that damages defenses instead of HP. Shatter will attempt to randomly add vulnerability to either bashing, slashing, or piercing to the target. If the target is already vulnerable to all three damage types, shatter will have no effect. Shatter is more effective with heavier weapons.Shatter only works while wielding a short bashing weapon.
  • Shadow Stalk - Level: 40 - Lag: ---
Shadow stalk is a passive skill that allows one to, surprisingly, stalk among the shadows. If the user is hidden, and attempts to move into a dark or night-time room, they will remain hidden.
  • Shield Block - Level: 2 - Lag: ---
Shield block is a passive skill that allows a character to defend with a shield. If wearing a shield, the character has a chance to block incoming attacks. More attacks are blocked at higher skill percentages. Shield block is somewhat more effective than other similar defensive skills, but requires wearing a shield in exchange.
Shield block has a base skill/3% chance to work, with a slight increase versus higher-level foes.
  • Shield Slam - Level: 3 - Lag: 8
A Knight who is using a shield (and what intelligent Knight isn't?) can throw it at their opponent for bashing damage. This hurts quite a bit, but also stops the Knight from getting any benefit from their shield for a period of time.
  • Sizeup - Level: 20 - Lag: 4
The Sizeup skill reveals the offensive ability of the target, displaying their damage dice and damroll ratings.
  • Smash - Level: 14 - Lag: 12
Using smash, you can inflict an armor-piercing blow on an opponent. Smash deals the same damage as the user's weapon, except that it ignores the target's AC. This makes it more effective on heavily armored targets.
Koopa Boxing lets you smash your target's consciousness too, providing a chance of sending the target to sleep.
  • Smokescreen - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
A passive skill, the smokescreen ability allows a fleeing player to toss down various reagents. In a series of reactions, the fleeing player can create a screen of smoke that masks the direction to which he fled to. This skill is checked each time the player flees.
  • Sneak - Level 8 - Lag: 6
The sneak skill, when activated and successful (visible in affects) allows the player to enter and exit rooms without alerting others. However, mobiles are ever alert and sneaking may not be enough to avoid aggressive action. Typing 'visible' will cancel the sneak affect.
  • Staffify - Level: 55 - Lag: ---
A Sorceror can create a magical staff by trapping their spells inside of a weapon. The level is based on the caster's level or the item's, whichever is lower. The weapon is consumed in the process, and has a single charge. The skill % in the spell you are trying to charge the staff with is a small factor in the creation process.
  • Steal - Level 1 - Lag: 16
The Steal skill allows the user to remove things and cash from the target's inventory. Specifying 'steal coins', 'steal gold', or 'steal silver' will allow you to target the mob's money instead of their items. You can steal up to 1/4 of a mob's money (although you will still get the full amount for defeating them).
If you target only 'item', you will get an item at random. You cannot steal WORN equipment (see Help Pry).
You will always successfully get the item (or coins) you want. However, if you fail to be sneaky enough, your victim will attack you. Stealing in combat will prompt an extra attack if you fail. Sleeping people and those who can't see you are much easier to rob. After you steal successfully (coins or items), nobody can steal from that target again for a while, as they are affected by "empty wallet".
  • Super - Level: 35 - Lag: 8
Attack with a super move, bombarding your foe with a series of powerful hits. Using this skill will completely drain your super bar, and it requires a full super bar to have any effect. This skill hits more times if used while berserk. Adding a %B to your prompt will show the status of your super bar.
  • Suplex - Level: 20 - Lag: 24
Using suplex, the player lifts his opponent and attempts to chuck him into an adjoining room, dealing damage. If no appropriate exit exists, the opponent will collide with a wall instead. Suplex will not work on immobile mobs, and it will deal more damage to larger opponents. Suplexed opponents may collide with other characters when they land.
Suplex can only be used on a grappled opponent. Giganto Wrestling allows suplex to work on immobile mobs, although they still won't go anywhere.
This ability adds 25 to your super bar.
  • Surecasting - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
Surecasting is a skill that can be toggled. When active, it ensures that any spells cast by the user will never fail. There is a chance, dependent on the user's skill in the spell being cast, that the spell will cost dramatically more mana than it normally would. This is capable of draining the user completely of mana, which will result in the user being stunned for a short while. Nonetheless, the spell will be cast even if it leaves the user completely depleted.
  • Swindle - Level: 35 - Lag: ---
With the swindle skill, a player can convince a shopkeeper that any item he has is worth something, and will be able trick the shopkeeper into purchasing items they normally would not be interested in. This ability does not stack with haggle, and the most a shopkeeper will give you for swindling them is half of the item's value. This skill is passive and is checked each time the player tries to sell something to a shopkeeper that doesn't buy that type of item.
  • Terraform - Level: 55 - Lag: 16* - Move Cost: 40*
The terraform skill allows the user to transfer room effects from one location to another. The first time terraform is used, all room effects cast by the user will be transferred into storage. The second time terraform is used, all stored room effects will reappear. All room effects placed into storage will share the duration of the briefest room effect among them. Effects can still elapse while in storage.
*When storing effects, terraform costs 40 mv. Terraform has substantially less lag when releasing stored effects.
  • Trickshot - Level: 38 - Lag: 16
With trickshot, the player cleverly aims at the sky instead of his target. Two turns later, something falls out of thin air, landing on the target for substantial damage. A variety of objects, capable of a variety of damage types, can fall from the sky. Some are less common than others. This skill only works when wielding a projectile weapon.
  • Trip - Level: 1 - Lag: 12
Trip attempts to knock the opponent off his feet, dealing minor damage but knocking the opponent to the ground and dazing him momentarily. It can be used either during combat or to initiate combat.
Various factors such as dexterity and haste factor into trip's success rate. Trip deals somewhat higher damage to large foes but is somewhat less likely to succeed against them.
  • Ultra Jump - Level: 32 - Lag: 12
With ultra jump, the user can repeatedly jump on the heads of his opponents. Using ultra jump once deals minor damage and puts the user in jumping mode. While in jumping mode, your automatic combat is disabled, but each consecutive ultra jump deals progressively more damage. However, consecutive jumps are decreasingly accurate, and a missed jump will land the user on the ground and cause recoil damage. It is possible to move, target different mobs, and use other skills while in jumping mode, but failure to jump quickly enough will cause the user to exit this mode. Ultra jump only works while wielding a long piercing weapon.
  • Upstage - Level: 35 - Lag: 12
By using upstage, a Diva will completely steal her victim's most recently applied effect. Upstage will steal both beneficial and harmful effects, and it can be used on both enemies and allies.
This skill costs 10 moevment to use.
Upstage is considered Impressive.
  • Vigilance - Level: 5 - Lag: 32
Activating vigilance obviously makes one more alert, doubling the chance of blocking with a shield for yourself and others. Vigilance has a long lag time, immobilizing the user for a moment.
  • Volta - Level: 20 - Lag: ---
The Volta is a style of dance which can be seamlessly blended into others. This basically involves adding extra leaps, hops and jumps into the original dance. While you dance the volta, you will cease to attack automatically every round, and your chance to dodge will double.
  • Wildcasting - Level: 30 - Lag: ---
Wildcasting is a skill that, once practiced, will always be active. It allows that the user may continue casting spells if they don't have enough mana, even ZERO. However, casting without mana can lead to some random but detrimental side effects.
Additionally, wildcasting cuts spell lag based on the caster's remaining mana. A manaless caster enjoys a 75% cut in lag, while a caster with more than half mana remaining sees a negligible lag cut.
  • Zeal - Level: 45 - Lag: ---
Zeal is a skill that is toggled on or off when used. The Templar suffers a loss for EVERY saving roll, but negative affects will give the Templar a boost to damroll. As the Templar brims with religious zeal, further status affects will continue to raise the damage boost.