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Prototype Reploid
Age: 9
Race: Reploid
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None


-Appearance of Synch- Occupying this space in the world is a boy of no more than five feet, casually tending to his nostrils with his finger. He is clad in a black t-shirt, with a pocket on the breast. His pants are blue jeans, sans their kneecaps. A tan cowboy hat rests on his head, with little spurts of bright blue hair peeking out. His eyes reflect a deeper shade of this same color. His footwear is a pair of battered steel toed boots, showing heavy wear and tear on the strings.

Personality: An almost singleminded pursuit of safeguarding his allies is lodged into Synch's mindset, fueld by a resolve to gain acceptance by those around him.


-Summon Elemental- Synch was instilled with the ability to form a turtle from the sand, letting him get eyes and ears in places he himself could not go. Also, in a pinch, it can be enlarged to provide him a ride.

-Overload- In a last ditch suicide maneuver, Synch can ingest concentrated magical energy to boost his own casting power. However, much like a reploid overloading it's buster, this causes devistating side effects to Synch's systems, and at the very least it leaves him in stasis for several days.

-Limited Geomancy- Synch can expend a set amount of energy over time bend the earth to his own will, providing he carves a rune circle into the ground and concentrates first. Enough distraction can break the spell though. Moldable shapes: Dome/Sphere, Pillar/tunnel, and Cone.

History: In the past, Stealth Synchronus unit 01, or Synch, was a spy for the group known as ShinRa. His purpose in life was to root espers out of hiding and either drag them back to ShinRa himself, or keep them held until a capture team arrived. Due to the iffy nature of this practice, Synch was programed not to see anything wrong with this, and was built without a voicebox to prevent any slipups. Synch was fine with all that. He was also fine with dragging magical beings to a slow death. It went well for about eight years. Then there was a shift. ShinRa created a new model of their Esper hunter series. This one proved superior to Synch, who was forced from his happy life. Thrown to the darkness, Synch was abandoned by ShinRa, damaged by a trap set for him and left for dead. During a stasis period, Synch realized his past, and took on a grim resolve to seek acceptance from his past.