The End of Oni's Story

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Unknown Location

February 5 of the year 323

Undine's Day

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I yelled as I fall from the sky. Sooner or later I fell upon an emerald tree. Breaking each branch, I tried to not fall on my face.

"Damn that hurt," I said. I rub my bottom as my daggers hang from one of the broken branches. It shines through the night air, and then I hear a voice rang out.

"Stand at your spot stranger, or feel the burn. What is your name?" said a familiar voice. It seems that's a voice of a friend, like a brother to me. But it couldn't be. He was not in the Cleft of Dimensions.

"Oni. My name is Oni no Moogle."

"Oni the Demon Moogle? You've been missing for years! Everyone thought you were dead!" He said as he turn on an orb, which was on his left arm.

"Yep, that's me. And I am doing fine. Although, I have no clue how many years has pass by." There was no mistaking who this was now. "So how has Madoushi, the great Demon Mage, come to be here, in the Cleft?"

"Cleft? Oni, we are in the woods. Our town is north. I came here to patrol and protect the cities. We have been experiencing raids lately and I have to protect the village that raised me."

The moogle could not believe his ears. "I am not in the Cleft of Dimensions?"

"I don't even know what that is."

"It's hard to explain."

"Well, my patrol is done for the night. How about going to the sake bar to catch up? You can tell me all about this Cleft thing you've been stuck in for four years."

"Alright lets go. "

Before we left the area I got my daggers off the tree and continued on. At the local bar we talked for a while and drank a few drink of good old sake. I talk about my adventures with in the Cleft and how I came back. Soon the bartender over heard and butted into our conservation.

"So you say that you was sucked with in a warp, or dimension hole."

"Aye and that's only where my adventure started. A dangerous yet fulfilling one in a strange world between worlds."

"I see. Like the one hanging over the forest?"

Oni blinked. "You mean its still there?"

"It's been there for a while now. It hasn't really caused any problems, so no one's been too worked up about it. Two other guys were here a few days ago talking about it. If you really came through it, I think you should go talk to them. They're still staying at Itoshii Inn." said the bartender

"Itoshii Inn? This is my own hometown and I have never heard of an Itoshii Inn. Much has changed here didn't it?"

"Aye Oni." Madoushi agreed. "Things have changed, although some have stayed the same. Like Hana. She's running the inn and still waiting for you."

"I almost forgot about her! Where is the inn?" I asked in a quickly haste.

"West. You can't miss it. Go on, I'll cover the drinks."

"You're a good friend, Madoushi. See you tomorrow."

I quickly run out of the bar and head to the inn. When I open the inn doors I look all around for Hana. Then a flowery voice rose from my right. "Oni? Is that you?"

I quickly look to the right. When I saw her I grabbed her and hugged her tight.

That night we talked about things and caught up we also talk about marriage. The next morning I went looking for Madoushi for a task that I must ask him to do.

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