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A reploid with no custom picture
Age: ?
Race: Reploid
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Maverick

Active: Year 325 - ??

Vice was built as a replacement for Zero as head of the 0th unit, but his creator snapped and placed the Maverick Virus inside his CPU. The accidential fall into the Cleft awoke that faint spark and drove Vice to become completely Maverick.

He had multiple confrontations with the Hunters, driving Seikou towards falling to the Virus and infecting Variance with a modified strain. This lead to both parties being dismissed by the Hunters.

At some point, he became the Champion of Jango. Soon after, he met Rika and decided to use her growing madness as a tool, manipulating her to kill Seikou. While this failed, he and Rika bonded, and eventually he allowed her to cure the Virus as best she could.

Vice died at Seikou's hands, but his memory and appearance was, with Rika's help, attached to a former Sniper Joe. The "rebuilt" Vice and Rika are now married.

World Notes

Engulfed In Darkness