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Age: ??
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Affiliation: ShinRa Electric Power Company

Active: Year 322 - ??

In the year 322, Wesphalia found herself in the Cleft. After some initial exploring to get her bearings, she went to Truce and conned a bunch of people into buying phony encyclopedias to fund her further adventures away from the town. But the people were sharper than she gave them credit for and they were on to her before she could get out of the city. She fled into the Rabite Forest, where she hid out while she figured out where to go and how to evade the angry people of Truce trying to get a refund.

Wherever she went, Wesphalia disappeared. She would resurface twenty years later, older, a little wiser, and working a steady job for ShinRa Electric Power Company.

World Notes

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