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Ooo, twinkly star
Activity: Mischevious
Form: male human trickster
Element: Moon
Influence: Surprises and Mischief

Ziddar enjoys nothing more than causing mischief, making him closely linked to Versalia. He, however, takes no sides, playing tricks on friends and foes alike. He spreads both happiness and sorrow with his "jokes."

Ziddar is rumored to be a God of Origin, though no Immortal ever remembers encountering him during the creation of the Cleft or the years following. It is unknown if Ziddar's Epic powers were caused by falling through a Cleft Origin Wormhole, if he is an incarnation of the Cleft itself, or if he is a more recent transplant who can outmatch even the Immortals.

Carsanquay is said to have attempted to trap or track down Ziddar to study him, but any attempts failed. This ability to baffle even the immortals has led to imfamy..and some followers.


Currently unknown


Can make you see or sense anything he wants, and can also prevent you from sensing the obvious.

Auto Skills

Some say Ziddar is a state of mind.