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High rollin!
Activity: Mischevious
Form: female jumi gambler
Element: Wind
Influence: Luck and Lust

Versalia, one of the few immortals who is directly interested in the concerns of the middle realm, loves to show it. In fact, her spheres of influence directly impact all events in the Cleft. Lady Luck takes great pleasure in flipping the odds, especially when the stakes are highest.

Though it cannot be directly proven, she claims to be a creation of Sylvere and likes to think of herself as his counterpart. But, in truth, Versalia seems more inclined to be the counterpart of Ziddar.

Additionally, Versalia is the aspect of Lust, a piece of Avenant, and enjoys both playing matchmaker and ruining mortal relationships just because she can.

After the events surrounding the first appearance of the Claire Bible, Versalia no longer has a shadow, and is thusly resistant to the influence of Jango and the like.

Patron Immortal: Sylvere(?) / Avenant

Avatars: Lady Luck refuses any avatars, taking kindly only to faithful Priests and gamblers.

Followers: Mizo, Spider

Monuments: None


Level 106 HP: 99,999 MP: 99,999 MV: 99,999


Royal Straight Flush - A flurry of accurate, explosive cards are flung from her hand. Gambit-style!

Dis Fang - Creates a monster from her own flesh.

Roulette - A random enemy dies.

Crescent Shower - Summons Cupid's bow to fire magical arrows.

Displacement - Teleportation.

Auto Skills:

Domino - Always wins at games of chance.

Dark Omen - Opponents find themselves terribly unlucky and inaccurate.

Bullseye - Always deals critical hits with weapons. Never misses.