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Activity: Subtle
Form: male human vagabond
Element: Wind
Influence: Fate and Time

Sylvere knows everything that will ever happen but doesn't reveal the details to anyone, save a few special followers. Has a tendency to go to the Middle Realm cloaked and reveal hints of the future in elaborate riddles to confuse people, or cause them to fulfill the prophecy themselves simply because of their knowledge. He doesn't have influence over anything in particular, except perhaps control over what other people with prophesizing powers can sense. He is the true keeper of the Claire Bible, a book whose pages are said to hold infinite knowledge.

Avatars: cloaked figures

Followers: Sage Luka, Queen Galadriel, Wisdom Zebu, Nobleman Sceiron, Byrjun, Shamaster, some Hylian gypsy caravan

Monuments: Temple of Prophecy, the Four Mirrors


Level 105

HP: 9999 MP: 9999 MV: 99999


Teleport: 1 MP - Go wherever he wants to go

10,000 Needles: 999 MV - Fling lots of needles for 1 damage per hit

Flying Dagger: 9 MV - Painful dagger flinging skill, 100% accurate because he only throws it when he knows it will hit

Riddle Talk: 1 MV - Target becomes confused

Auto Skills:

Omnisight: Know what is going to happen, when it is going to happen

Extreme Dodginess: Dodge all your attacks because he knows how you fight already


A Prophetic Vision, Spoken Out Loud

A Realization, Foreseen and Spoken Out Loud