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Activity: Active
Form: basilisk
Element: Earth
Influence: Nature and Life

Ageatii is as strong as the world is. He spends most of his time sleeping in the Middle Realm underground and has a tendency to fall ill when nature is under attack. He has influence over the health and physical well being of all living things.

Avatars: Poes, Ents, Mountains, Bacteria

Followers: Iktoa'ak'o'ya-Reed Woman, Lilly

Monuments: Spirit Temple, various small shrines built by farmers


Level 106

HP: Varies MP: 9999 MV: 10


Ageatii knows all spells available to Terraformer and Surgeon. His max HP depends on the health of the area he is in.

Rainbow: 60 MP - Magic spell that combines the powers of all innates

Lucid Barrier: 60 MP - Hyper_res all physical attacks

Color Barrier: 60 MP - Hyper_res all magical attacks

Vaccinate: 48 MP - Improve saves

Immaculate Conception: 0 MP - Requires prayer on behalf of target

Auto Skills: Ageatii has increased lag from the skills he uses.

Nature Empathy: Restore MP faster in healthier lands

Worldly Empathy: Maximum HP is dependant on the health of the surrounding areas.\

Cleft Origin Stories: A Folktale From Ageatii to the Trees

I used to live in an ocean world with some small islands.
I don't remember our tribe name - I don't remember my island name.
We were getting diseases with no names.
We consumed too much and all our land was foul.
They sent some of us to find a new home.

The same thing already happened many times.
My grandmother found the new home in the past.
I wanted to find it. I wanted to save my people.

I found a place.
I found a place with a friend but he didn't want to share it with the
tribe. He said they would use up every island until there was no more
place to sleep above water.
He kept talking about what was right for the people and what was right
for the world.
He wanted to save the world.
He knew I wanted to go back.
He didn't want me to go back.
He didn't want me to leave him so I killed him.
My hands were bloody but I don't remember killing him.
I loved him.
I loved him but I could smell his flesh on my palms.
I thought of the islands and the people and I felt sick.
I thought of his words and the scent of his death and I tasted something.
I had vomitted.

I went back to the ocean alone this time on the boat.
I didn't want to go back and I didn't want to stay.
I needed a sign.
I felt tired as I waited on the still waters.
I almost slept above the water but it was not comfortable.

I dreamt a nightmare of a squall in the form of a serpent.
The serpent swallowed me as it ravaged my island.
The oceans became red and they screeched and rumbled.

When I opened my eyes the sky was black and power of the gods roared
and flashed against the dark clouds. I was at the edge of an enormous
whirlpool and I was about to descend in a spiral into it.
I couldn't escape.
I couldn't escape and I was going to die. The current was strong and I
fell off the boat and I saw the terror in the eyes of the sea monsters.
I saw myself through the water and I thought of the islands and the
I thought of who we were and I felt sick.
I thought of him and wanted to sleep.
Then I saw the bottom. I touched the ground but I could fall through it.
The ocean was falling through it.
It was a hole as black and vast as the sky.
I fell through it.

Now I could sleep.


Then the world was still.
And there was no more water then.
No more clouds or streams or ocean.
All the plants and trees and flowers - they all dried up and started to
blow away in the wind.
The people and animals were thirsty.
They were starving.

Secrets of the Immortals: Betrayal of the Night

Jango never saw it coming. It was the year 349, just after the War Amongst the Gods, when he had been so consumed with the construction of his steam and magic powered machine, which he would call Arilothas, that he failed to notice his own wife, Sarai, conspiring with the self-proclaimed god of day, Tenor.

Sarai was supposed to be the balance between Jango and Tenor. The thing that kept the evil of the Lord of Night in check. But her influence on him had grown thin after standing against his plans in the year 325, and being tricked into thinking she was doing so again in the immortal war that had only just ended. He wouldn't listen to her, nor did he include her in whatever new and vile thing he was preparing with the construction of his reploid-based robot. They were as estranged and disparate now as if they had never met, let alone husband and wife.

As such, Sarai went to Tenor, the other side of her balance and the lover she thought secret from her husband. And together, they decided that the best thing for them, the other immortals, and all the mortal creatures of the Middle Realm was to imprison Jango. His power would still exist, and balance would be maintained, but he would not be able to hurt anyone else.

However, they knew that their powers alone would not be enough to contain the Lord of Night. So, before they acted, they approached the immortals who had stood against Jango before. Arctic, the Maestro of Weather, and Ageatii, the Caretaker of Vitality. Both played key roles in stopping Jango's attempt at taking over the Cleft in 325.

Both of these immortals gave a portion of their power to Sarai. And, together with her own power and Tenor's, she turned their gift on Jango. He fought back, violently, but he was no match for the power of four immortals, united in cause. And he would be bound, in a prison made of his own dark powers, in a place between the Upper and Middle Realms. Though this was beyond what the mortals could see, the prison created an anomaly in the skies over the ruins of the Pillars of Nosgoth, creating an eternal night in the area.

The vampires of Nosgoth, having no idea what caused such a thing, created a story of their own about Jango's death, and built a monument to his passing.