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Dhaorahn Khazarin
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Age: 31
Race: Jumi
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Gypsy Rose

Dhaorahn was a hollow man. He had always felt he was missing something. Something vital... something inside. He spent his days learning martial arts, hoping that the meditation would solve the quandary or that the exercise would take his mind off it. Neither helped, but he persisted.

Finally, one of his masters sent him on a quest to "find himself", more or less standard fare: defeat a dragon, save a princess, get out of the master's hair so he could drink in peace. One dragon and one spoiled brat later, as he was returning the awful shrew to her castle, her ungrateful Lord Wizard of a father decided that the appropriate reward for the meddler, who had stopped the good dragon from removing his personal annoyance from the land, was to open a pool of mercury beneath him and drown him in the stuff.

The wizard was a master of dimensional spells, but his distraught daughter's screeching had accidentally disrupted his concentration halfway through the spell, and the pool of mercury took Dhaorahn to the Cleft of Dimensions. When he awoke, the mercury had been absorbed into his body... as had the soul of the dragon he had slain. Finding himself able to transform into similarly killed monsters, he spent several days wandering the world, killing odd beasts and using the power of his new mercury core to shift his body into theirs for a short span of time.

While wandering through a town - a rare occasion, his shoes had worn down to ribbons even in the short amount of time he spent in a human form - he encountered Eudika, unconscious, having just arrived in the Cleft. He instantly felt a connection, and he felt his core flash in tandem with hers - as the Jade Eye too glowed an eerie light, bonding their souls together.

Skills, Spells and abilities

Shapeshifter: Dhaorahn's unstable mercury core allows him to shift his biological structure, effectively becoming another creature for a period of time. This is more taxing on his stamina the longer and more powerful the change, and he must rest in order to recover it. Overstraining himself in one of these forms leads to him passing out, sometimes for days at a time.

Soul Combine: When Eudika channels a soul into him, Dhaorahn can become a much more powerful creature - but its toll is far more exacting. He unfailingly passes out at the end, and some are far tougher on his spirit than others.

Combined with Eudika:

Dino Duo - Eudika is possessed by the spirit of Azala, and Dhaorahn shifts into the monstrous Nizbel.

Terror of the Desert - Eudika was possessed by Bijou and, in an unwise move, split Dhaorahn into two forms - the ninjas Bill and Ben.

Eudika and Dhaorahn are currently in search of the Rosiers, under orders from Coraveda. Eudika is the temporary bearer of the Ripping Rose gloves, while Dhaorahn similarly holds the Druidic Key.