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A set of objects supposedly possessing the power to grant a wish to whoever finds all the pieces. They caused so much trouble that they were disguised and scattered. With the appearance of the Claire Bible however, they have been awakened.

Objects in the Set

  • Blood Rose, the vampire killer whip. It can drain life from victims. Currently held by Rachel
  • Rapture Rose, the beautiful vine whip. It can transform into lightning. Currently held by Coraveda
  • Ripping Rose, the elegant white gloves. They sprout claws. Currently held by Gypsy Rose
  • Druidic Key. Magical skeleton key. Currently held by Gypsy Rose
  • Red Rose, the ruby necklace. Defends the wearer from fire, and warns of nearby undead. Currently held by Musanim
  • Rosetta Guard, the blessed wristband. Defends the wearer from curses and other negative magics. Currently held by Gypsy Rose
  • Dark Frame, the black mirror. Absorbs magical projectiles, arrows.
  • Encircling Ivy, the stone ring. Petrifies opponents touched by the bearer's hands. Currently held by Sunflash
  • Faerie Buckle, the fickle belt. Sometimes blinks the wearer out of existance in reflexive self-defense situations.
  • The Queen's Requiem, the key piece. This brings out the power of the completed set. It is a dark queen's gown.
  • Night's Messenger, the dark boots. Manipulates gravity, allowing the wearer to walk on water or air as well as magnify the force of their legs' attacks. Currently held by Miranda