Gypsy Rose

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A band of social misfits, travelling performers, and other people exhibiting oddities. Their affiliation allows them to safely travel from place to place without stepping on another performer's 'turf'; this also works as an information network about which crowds are the toughest and which have the fattest coin purses to pocket. Benefits include each others' protection as they often find themselves camping in the wild or fleeing an unhappy audience. They want to provide a welcome refuge for "freaks" and the highly unusual, and perhaps make a few bucks off of it while they're at it. The Gypsy Rose clanhall is perhaps one of the most secure, as it is in a highly windy and defendable place, and is one of the most well-kept secrets in the Cleft. Serving more as a sanctuary and/or hideout for its members, only the members of the clan and its allies may enter. It is under the protection of a Secretkeepers' Charm, meaning that only those who are told of the place by a clan member may find it. All members are currently acting under orders to find and capture all available Rosiers.

Their leader is Coraveda.

Current Members: Eudika, Dhaorahn, Rachel, Musanim