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Coraveda "Swaying Lotus" Vitalus
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Age: 21
Race: Werewolf
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Gypsy Rose (Leader)

A pretty dancing girl who originally wanted nothing more than to make money off the fresh audiences of the Cleft, and later become romantically involved with Spider. First introduced herself as Swaying Lotus.


Koopa Arc

Shortly after her first appearance, she was coaxed with gold to join the Truce Militia. The night before Truce was retaken by the Militia, she spent hours performing a ritual dance in the Rabite Forest. When the Koopa Troops arrived, they were met by a furious lightning storm helping to protect the city.

During the ensuing battle, she was wounded, and in her rage revealed her werewolf form. After she reverted to her human form, she ran off and vanished.

Hope Arc

Later, Sunflash and Spider tracked her to the Myrkur Mountains. She had taken refuge there, afraid that she would be reviled as a werewolf. They convinced her that she was not a freak and to return to Truce; she then revealed her true name for the first time, and stopped using the alias Swaying Lotus.

When Zero was accused of treason by Spider, it was Coraveda who captured him. She entangled him with her signature vine-summoning spell STRANGLEVINE and was his jailor until his trial. After this, she again vanished, but now it was an exceptionally long span of time...

She was found badly bleeding and wounded on the side of the Lete River with a wolf pup familiar tagging along. Selan managed to cure her, only to find that she had no recollection of what had happened to her while she was gone. Setting off to find out the answer to that for herself, she discovered that she was not the only person wielding a magical rose artifact (her Rapture Rose). Indeed, Rachel wielded a similar whip named Blood Rose. She delved deep into the history of these weapons - named Rosiers - and became determined to find and reunite the entire set. In order to do this, she formed the Gypsy Rose clan under the premise of a confederation of performers and outcasts, and set up a well-hidden fortress within the former Rosier sanctuary.

She later revealed that she was the one who found the Claire Bible. Interestingly, its effects seemed to drain her of her powers, and replace them with foreign new ones.

Skills and Spells

Summon Rapture Rose - Calls her whip to her hand, from wherever it may be.

Other spells - Sealed or forgotten!