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Manin Sunflash Erratu
Kry Sunflash Resized.jpg
Has been known to put people in a coma just for slapping him.
Age: 23-ish
Race: Hylian
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None



Manin Sunflash Erratu (Known only as either Sunflash or Sunny) entered the Cleft as a result of bad luck, unfinished spells, and an overdose of hormones. Long story short: Upon Sunflash and his long-time girlfriend getting smacked around, and the girl in question dying; Sunny cast an incomplete time-traveling spell. Needless to say, it didn't quite work. He woke up in the general vicinity of Viorar, bruised, battered, and generally a mess. He spent about a year hanging out around Viorar, bothering locals and the wildlife. At one point during an incursion into Zigolis Swamp, he came face to face with none other than Tenor. The Immortal expressed an interest in the young wizard's innate spellcasting talents and saw in him a kindred spirit as a scholar, extending to him an offer of guidance and help in exchanging for the wizard promising to be more careful with what little temporal-screwing knowledge he had. Sunflash accepted.

Dark Machinations Arc

  • The Immortal Tenor, the God of Day, sides against Jango, though more for his interest in protecting Sarai than for mortal benefit.
    • Tenor names Sunflash his champion and bids him to head toward Truce, the center of Jango's actions against the Middle Realm.
  • Coalition forms, mortals banding together who were determined to stop Jango.
    • Headed up by Milo.
    • Used abandoned Maverick Hunters base as headquarters.
    • Never named.
    • Jango destroys old Maverick Hunter base.
  • The Immortal Sarai, Keeper of Hope, begins helping Coalition as best she can. Works openly, and closely, with Tenor against Jango.
    • Meets with Milo.
    • Begs Jango to stand down.
  • The Immortal Ageatii, the Caretaker of Vitality, offers sanctuary from Jango to mortals.
    • Testing mortals to see if there really is a threat.
    • Depending on outcome, Ageatii would decide if he was to get involved.
  • Knowing that he could not win on his own against the Upper and Middle Realms arrayed against him, Jango cuts his losses, takes Sarai, and abruptly retreats into the Upper Realm.
    • There are no further actions taken against mortals.

Koopa Arc

It happened on what started out as a pretty average day. There was a slightly larger crowd than normal around the fountain, but that wasn't a big deal. It was actually kind of nice, having so many people to talk to. Then, of course, the peace was shattered by Bowser charging into Truce. Sunflash took part in the following chaos, crossing spells with Kamek himself at one point. As the story goes, everyone eventually fell back to Truce, and Milo started the Truce Militia. Sunny joined up as a 'do-anything' fellow, lending his spells to the defense of Truce.

Bowser's threat has subsided, and despite a brief scare from the dark immortal Jango, all seemed quiet. Naturally it didn't last, and when Milo got news of various evildoings around the Truce area, Sunny volunteered to check it out. One thing led to another, and after repeatedly proving his worth to General Milo, Sunflash found himself the new Colonel of Truce, albeit grudgingly. Who knows what challenges await the Spell Twister of Truce?

War Amongst the Gods Arc, Part One

The 'various evildoings' turned out to be a prelude to one of Sunflash's most aggravating times yet. After abit of digging around, it came to light that someone by the name of Bahamut was raising a moderate sized army south in Fa'Diel. After another period of time during which both sides pretty much ran around like cuccos on crack, the Milita commanders (yes, including Sunny) decided it might be prudent to setup a minor fort/watchpost in the Suflkasta pass south of Truce. While everyone else worked on getting it organized/approved/funded, Sunflash found himself assigned as a diploment of all things. More spefically, a diplomat to the small Moogle community living in the mountains near the pass itself. After one of his more spectactular displays of self-restraint


Spell Twister

Sunflash has the ability to take any spell he knows, and 'twist' them to suit his purposes. IE; tractor beam becomes a grappling beam, or a jump boost. Halo becomes 'mirror image' or some such. The farther away from it's 'original' purpose a spell is, the harder it is to perform. Sometimes loses control, resulting in a wild cast.


Slightly-above average skill with short-swords and rapiers. He likes to vent frustration via smashing things, so he practices with swords from time to time. Enough to matter.


Has the small ability to force his body to keep going despite pain or exhaustion. He can't do it for long, and it's highly limited. Kinda like a short burst of hyper-adrenaline.


No glaring weaknesses, but he -is- just Hylian. The only super-human feats he'll do on a semi-regular basis would be magic-based. Shoot him in the head, and he'll die as easily as everyone else. Good luck catching him off guard though. ;)

World Notes

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