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Sarai 2.jpg
Activity: ??
Form: ethereal human female
Element: Moon
Influence: Moon and Stars

Sarai is ultimately a creation of Soohyun. When she passed into the Cleft, the god of Balance imbued her with both the powers of darkness and light, drawing from Jango and Tenor both to create an entity that would balance the diametrically opposed immortals. As such, Sarai manifested an influence over the moon and stars, a veritable light in the darkness of night.

She interpreted her place of balance as being the only one who could keep the ambitious and malevolent Jango in check. And she saw no better way to keep an eye on him than to be his wife. And for a long while, she was exactly the sort of distraction and voice of reason that Jango needed to be tamed. But Sarai was not only their to pacify the Lord of Night. And her connection to Tenor, the God of Day, along with her big heart, would draw her to be his lover as well. At that point she was truly a force strung, body and soul, between Day and Night.

In addition to all her duality and balance, Sarai was chosen to be the aspect of Hope and Mercy, a piece of Avenant. Her light was like a beacon to the mortals of the Middle Realm that served to remind them that, even though the dark night was long, day would break again. And being tied to the moon and stars as she was, Sarai would befriend the Mana Spirit Luna.

Her relationship with the Immortals of the Upper realm aside, Sarai was a gentle and kind soul. She wished only to let the mortals live and make their own choices. She often stayed her hand because she wanted the mortals to overcome obstacles for themselves. This only changed when Jango directly attacked the reploid population of the Cleft in the year 325, and she intervened on the mortals behalf to see Jango stopped.

She withdrew to the Upper Realm about the same time Tenor did years ago, when they would imprison Jango to keep him from harming anyone more than he already had.

No mortal has seen her since...

Patron Immortals: Tenor / Jango / Avenant / Soohyun

Avatars: Tigers, Stars, and a starry-eyed little girl

Followers: Luna, Milo, Kalynn

Monuments None built


Level 101

HP:6163 MP:10356 MV:467


Shooting Stars: 60 MP - The ability to call a multitude of razor-sharp stars-sias into the room, dealing heavy damage to all opponets.

Moonbeam: 0 MP - Sarai is able to travel anywhere moonlight (or starlight) touches in an instant.

Tiger Rage: 20 MP - When called, Sarai's tiger will assist her in battle.

Starlight: 50 MP - Drawing light from the stars into a concentrated beam, able to pierce through any darkness.

Constellation Summons: 100 MP - The ability to call the constellations to take physical form and aid Sarai.

Sweet Dreams 30 MP - A calm spell combined with a dream-filled sleep spell.

Auto Skills

Tidal Moon 0 MP - Like the tide, Sarai's power tends to be stronger when the moon is full.

Starbright 0 MP - When in starlight, Sarai begins to glow brightly, calling on their power.

Weakness She cares too much...

Cleft Origin Stories: Sarai's Lament

Should I even continue to pray? Have you left me in this world to take your place? I was considered your friend, High Priestess to the Goddess. You chose none before me and gave me the 'Power of the Heart'. Then why have you sent me here? To see what you fought against? 'Gods' playing with the lives of mortals, who know nothing beyond what they see and hear...

Goddess of Light, hope, and love, what do I do now? Just accept the role you have given to me? I will follow it faithfully. I just feel that I am in your shadow. I too have become an immortal, fallen in love with he that should be my enemy, and despise my position as a God.

Why did you ask me to enter the rift? Did it save our world? Was my 'sacrifice' accepted? Oh, how I miss the skies back home. How I miss our talks, your voice, and friendship. Why did I have to leave? I remember the wars, the blood of my people spilt, so the God's could say one was greater.

We only wanted the war to end. We didn't know our powers would create that tear in the sky. We only wanted peace, but there is still hope. Hope that our world was saved by me entering the tear in the fabric of our world. Hope that the sins in our world will not follow me here.

Farewell Lynthanausi,

My Mistress, My Goddess.

Secrets of the Immortals: Betrayal of the Night

Jango never saw it coming. It was the year 349, just after the War Amongst the Gods, when he had been so consumed with the construction of his steam and magic powered machine, which he would call Arilothas, that he failed to notice his own wife, Sarai, conspiring with the self-proclaimed god of day, Tenor.

Sarai was supposed to be the balance between Jango and Tenor. The thing that kept the evil of the Lord of Night in check. But her influence on him had grown thin after standing against his plans in the year 325, and being tricked into thinking she was doing so again in the immortal war that had only just ended. He wouldn't listen to her, nor did he include her in whatever new and vile thing he was preparing with the construction of his reploid-based robot. They were as estranged and disparate now as if they had never met, let alone husband and wife.

As such, Sarai went to Tenor, the other side of her balance and the lover she thought secret from her husband. And together, they decided that the best thing for them, the other immortals, and all the mortal creatures of the Middle Realm was to imprison Jango. His power would still exist, and balance would be maintained, but he would not be able to hurt anyone else.

However, they knew that their powers alone would not be enough to contain the Lord of Night. So, before they acted, they approached the immortals who had stood against Jango before. Arctic, the Maestro of Weather, and Ageatii, the Caretaker of Vitality. Both played key roles in stopping Jango's attempt at taking over the Cleft in 325.

Both of these immortals gave a portion of their power to Sarai. And, together with her own power and Tenor's, she turned their gift on Jango. He fought back, violently, but he was no match for the power of four immortals, united in cause. And he would be bound, in a prison made of his own dark powers, in a place between the Upper and Middle Realms. Though this was beyond what the mortals could see, the prison created an anomaly in the skies over the ruins of the Pillars of Nosgoth, creating an eternal night in the area.

The vampires of Nosgoth, having no idea what caused such a thing, created a story of their own about Jango's death, and built a monument to his passing.


Dark Machinations Arc

Year 325

  • Learning of the terrible things her husband was doing, Sarai begins helping a mortal Coalition that had formed to stand against Jango as best she can. Works openly, and closely, with the immortal Tenor.
    • Meets with Milo.
    • Begs Jango to stand down.
  • Ageatii offers sanctuary from Jango to mortals.
    • Testing mortals to see if there really is a threat.
    • Depending on outcome, Ageatii would decide if he was to get involved.
  • Jango and Sarai would retreat into the Upper Realm and there are no further actions against mortals.

War Amongst the Gods Arc

Year 349

  • Jango returns to the Middle Realm with a short-lived interest in Vampires.
  • During his research, he falls prey to Versalia's manipulations, drawing him into her fight with Ageatii by making him believe that she was helping him get revenge against Tenor for his acts with Sarai in the past.
  • Sarai would side with Versalia as well, but only because she thought they were standing against Jango, who she thought was attacking the Middle Realm once again.
  • When the fighting was over, and the truth was revealed, Jango was outraged by the fact that Sarai had gotten involved with Versalia exclusively to stop him.
  • Jango and Sarai return to the Upper Realm. Tenor disappears at this time as well.
    • Sarai and Tenor are not heard from again.