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Straight Outta da Warp Pipe
Age: ??
Race: Koopa
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Truce Militia (Former Leader)

Former leader of the Truce Militia. Milo was a Koopa until the Year 325, when he formed a mortal Coalition to stand against the Immortal Jango. Milo would be blessed by Sarai, who was looking to help Milo stand against her husband, and transformed him into a Parakoopa, a Koopa with wings. After both Jango and Sarai were gone, Milo hid the origins of his wings, claiming to have always been a Parakoopa. Feeling superior to other Koopa, not to mention the other mortal races, Milo would become incredibly arrogant and self-important. Nevertheless, he did try to do right with the power he had been given.

In the year 345, he formed the Truce Militia to fend off the attacks of the Koopa Troops, led by Bowser, and took on The Empire during their invasion of Truce and the surrounding lands. He was fatally wounded, however, in the Battle of Brei and would not survive.