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Miranda Lotto
Miranda deppressed.jpeg
Miranda, in her depression
Age: 25
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None

A diffident and clumsy woman whose prized grandfather clock forced Viorar to rewind and repeat the same day over. She finds resolve through three strangers and seeks out to adventure with them - in search of answers.


Hope Arc

Often feeling useless or inferior, Miranda has been fired from over one hundred jobs. It was at her most recent firing that Miranda slunk back to her quaint apartment in the city of Viorar. Unable to bear her constant failures, the ridicule that the children inflict and her inability to improve, the depressed woman cried out to the quiet, endless night and wished tomorrow would never come. It was then, that the grandfather clock she had saved from the junkyard, answered her calls. Time began to rewind and tomorrow never came.

For a week, the town repeated the same day over and over again. It was only Miranda who noticed and was aware of the repetition. Instead of saving her, the lack of tomorrow made things worse and drove Miranda further into depression. Unable to bear the predictability and identical reoccurrences of the children's taunts, her bad luck and accidents she was brought closer to the edge. That is until Eudika and Dhaorahn came into the picture.

The pair's interference brought Miranda face to face with a Shinma - one in the guise as a lamia who that drew its power from Miranda's sorrow. Watching two strangers get pummeled for her sake, Miranda felt tortured by looking on and being incapable of helping. It wasn't until the appearance of the third stranger, Lenalee, that the tides began to turn. The Shinma gone, Miranda apologized profusely for her weakness and as the pair of Eudika and Dhaorahn pressed Lenalee for her rosier, Night's Messenger the event came to a climax for the woman.

Lenalee agreed to give up the rosier, but only if Miranda was to take care of it and travel with Eudika and Dhaorahn. While Eudika protested at first, an agreement was struck and soon enough, Miranda found herself with two traveling companions.

Skills and Spells