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The Town of Truce

February 8 of the year 323

Gnome's Day

Despite my reservations toward allowing myself to have contact with others living in this world, I, Jango MH-01, have made a decision. I have found myself fond of the values and beliefs that have been told to me of the Chosen and what they are trying to do.

Therefore, I shall take on the name of one of these planets they are naming their selves after, thus leaving my model number displayed only in my memory banks. This feels like another step toward become less machine and more human. MH-01 is so cold.

I do not know if what I do is wise.

I do not know what will happen if I proceed as these other people do.

I am not like the others. Not even like Saneron, or these other mechanized beings that resemble me.

But being around these other creatures helps me to feel a little more alive. A little more in touch with the humanistic side I seem to have been programed without.

I shall become one of these Chosen. I will be Jango the Northern Star.

May the Maker help them if something should go wrong with me.

Do they fully understand the risk they run simply by my being around them?

What will happen if what I was designed for comes about? No one knows save he who created me. And I intend to find him.

Let us hope that it does not cost the lives of those I would ally with.

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