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Helios- needs some work2.PNG
Age: ??
Race: Mechon
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Mechonis

Gender: Male (?)

Height: Varies

Weight: Varies

Primary Ability: Optical Cohabitation

Secondary Ability: Laser Weaponry

Helios was formerly the pride and joy of the stealth section of the Mechonis R & D department. Helios made his way into Cleft when he was uploaded with an AI unit, broke out and stole an entire transport and crashed it through a portal. After that, he was struck by lightning and knocked out for a good month before coming back online. He went on to befriend Ambience, piss off Kyuubey, enter into philosophical debate, and activate his mechon assistants, the M85 Meteor Artillery and the M82 combat unit.

Some of his more notable escapades include his theft of a grief seed and the subsequent hatching of a witch. Another is his valiant attempt to defend a mana spirit from a mob.

Notable References


The M85 is the lesser of two evils, actually having emotions like compassion and a doglike devotion to Helios. It is the most well known and most often seen mechon, aside from Helios himself. It is armed with one large arm cannon that has several firing modes as well as a buzz-saw/pincer combination. It has a blessing from the mana spirit Luna that enables it to fight spirits and shoot liquid Ether. It stands at a whopping 11 feet six inches tall.


Little is known about the M82, due to it being defeated in battle with a yoma in its first appearance. It is currently under reconstruction in the transport and is expected to make a full recovery. It is the one robot that you do not want to face in a fight, despite this setback. It is completely dedicated to following orders to the letter and will not stop until they are carried out. It is armed with two buzz-saw/pincer combos and stands 6 inches taller than the M85, topping out at 12 feet tall.

The Nakajamur

This is the transport that Helios stole and crashed into Cleft with. It currently lies in the canyons north of Truce in a state of disrepair. It is also under repair, of course, and is expected to be capable of flight once the engines are fixed. It is being upgraded for interdimensional flights in the process, though this is still in development.