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Ambience Hikaru Sermons
Age: Appearance: 14 / Actual: 10
Race: Human(?)
Status: Dead(?)
Affiliation: None

Ambience was born under peculiar circumstances; Aura conceived him while in a dreamlike unconsciousness during a wild mana flux in the Mana Holyland. As such, and though Aura gave birth to him in the normal sense, his biological creation was anything but "normal." He shares physical traits with both Aura and Seikou, the latter being intimately related to the dreamlike state at the time, having the same midnight-blue hair as Aura and red irises akin to his father. His birth signaled the end of the then-current Mana Tree's reign, as the Dark Manabeast would destroy it soon after, and in the days that followed, Aura gave him up to Seikou to take care of, as her duties within the Holyland seemingly prevented her from doing so herself.

The boy grew quickly as the years passed into what anyone else would acknowledge as a normal human male, albeit some have found his red eyes to be rather intimidating, even for a child. With only nearly seven years since Aura's departure, he had already grown to the state between ten and twelve years. He has a knack for catching onto things fairly quickly, but is also a bit presumptuous and a little easy to rile. He lives with Seikou in a small house off in the woods at an undisclosed location, taking his father's desire for seclusion to heart and not straying too far. He has an adventurous attitude in regards to most things, but a deep devotion to his family.

Ambience has a subtle but established mental link across the realms with his mother, allowing her to communicate with him on some (but not all) occasions; however, it is active in only a one-way fashion. He is able to hear and receive thoughts from Aura, but she cannot receive or be sent any from him. It is a strange sort of relationship they share in this way, but with Aura unable to traverse the realms, it is all he (and Seikou, to some proximal extent) has. He shares the same feelings and adherence to the flow of mana that his mother does and is consistently watched over by the same Dryads, but he predominantly keeps these things to himself, not really understanding his role in the grand scheme of things.