Lyll Worzen

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Lyll Worzen
Minna-san, konnichiwa!
Age: 13
Race: Beastman
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None


Lyll is the youngest of the Worzen family, consisting of her brother Roas, her father Xemn, and her mother Meyna. Like the rest of her family, Lyll lives a simple life away from civilization at the north edge of Faron Woods, southeast of the heart of the Beast Kingdom. Underneath this simple life, however, lies a lineage of dragon-slaying for at least several generations prior. Lyll's grandfather, famous himself for sealing away a particularly-nasty dragon by the name of 'Keela' in an underground labyrinth, approached Lyll and her family to inform them of their next-in-line requirement to put away this dragon once and for all when it showed signs of breaking free from their predecessor's imprisonment. And so, at the ripe-old age of nine, Lyll went on a journey with her parents and older brother, eventually becoming a dragon-slayer, herself. Peace held sway in the time that followed, and the manner in which she and her family found their way into the Cleft of Dimensions is not immediately known.


Roughly four years after Keela's defeat, Lyll and her family's keep-to-themselves lifestyle was infringed-upon somewhat when Xemn discovered a male teenager unconscious in the woods near their home. Bringing him back to their home, Lyll would bond with with this odd traveler by the name of Ambience, quickly taking to view him as another older brother. In the year that followed and as Ambience regained his bearings and general health, Lyll rarely left his side outside of necessity, and it became pretty clear (to everyone but Ambience, apparently) that the way she viewed him began to change toward the end of that year. Eventually she accompanied him to the Festival of Lights and met up with some of Ambience's lost companions, learning a bit more about where he came from and his own backstory in the process, and also finding good company in Sunflash at this time, as well. At this point, Lyll struggled emotionally with the knowledge that Ambience would have to leave but accepted it as an inevitability all the same and stated that she would find him, herself, if he failed to come back and visit once in awhile.

Lyll is plucky, has seemingly-infinite energy, and enjoys attention immensely; she also assumes that everyone likes her and enjoys her company right off the bat. She is very small for her age and tends to act in kind, but has age-appropriate knowledge and insight that surfaces at times, when it is needed. She enjoys the outdoors and fawns over cute clothes (and people who wear them), and is extremely easy to please. Lyll has a very short list of things she dislikes, the biggest one being spiders. At home, when not playing outside or poking her nose around outlying areas for new waiting-to-happen adventures, she helps her mother, Meyna, around the house with chores and cleaning. Like the rest of her family, she is fluent in Japanese but tends to only use honorifics, knowing that the common tongue is more widespread and understandable for most people she's come across, unless those she is interacting with also know and use Japanese as well.

Abilities, Powers & Traits

Though on the noticeably-small side for her age, Lyll's main takeaway is her ability to jump many, many times her own height, possibly due to the fact that she also weighs very little as well. Mobility seems to be her strong point in general, and she carries a wand belonging to mother that is enchanted to summon fireballs upon command, so that she can protect herself in times of danger otherwise. Beyond these, she is a simple beastman girl living in the woods with her family, with no overarching desire to be much else. Given the latter, it often comes as a surprise when people discover that she aided in the defeat of an evil dragon several years prior, but everyone has their secrets.