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The Town of Truce

October 27 of the Year 349

Salamando's Day

Raitzeno collapsed into the, erm, cushions of his couch. "Nice to be home. Though the rest of the city seems to have been spruced up while I was gone..."

A small yellow glow near his head spoke up. "I didn't realize you owned a home."

"Makes me look more respectable, Luna. Though I dunno what I was thinking with this couch."

The nigh-invisible spirit near his head let out a soft sigh. "It's not nearly as bad as half the other things I saw in your head."

"Comfortable though." He hauled himself up off the couch. "Better check the mail..."

A small pile awaited him just inside his door. "Bills, bills, junk mail, my size is fine thanks, don't need that, your religion can bite me, what's this?" He picked out an official-looking letter and flipped it over a few times before opening it with a small dagger. "Sir Raitzeno, blah blah blah, Guardia blah blah, by royal decree - royalty? F'real? - blah blah tax collector blah blah. Assuming I'm reading this official bullshit correctly, they want ME to be a TAX COLLECTOR? What the deuce?"

Incredulously, the small orb of light hovered over the piece of paper for a moment. "Oh my! I wouldn't believe it unless I read it first-hand!" Practically fainting, Luna softly fell backwards onto the couch. "You as a ... tax collector ... The entire staff must be out sick."

The fairy bobbed back into the air. "So what plan of action are you intending to take? Put your quest on hold and go investigate?"

"Well, they'd revoke my passport or some crap if I ignored it, most likely. I'd better at least see what's up. Gimme' a few hours to pack some things. We're headed for Guardia Castle."

The small glow spun a circle in midair. "I'm excited to be doing so much traveling now that I have gotten the chance. But... I must choose my words more carefully in the future... because I don't want you to be led to believe I like traveling in the third-world conditions the inside of your mind comprises."

Raitzeno grinned. "Sometimes I don't either..."

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