Macabre Tombstone

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The Macabre Tombstone was erected by Dreadite in the Myrkur Mountains around the year 90. It exists as a gateway for spirits between the Lower Realm and the Middle Realm.

The original purpose of the Macabre Tombstone was part of a wider plot by Dreadite to usurp influence on the world from all the other Immortals. To construct this, he had invited Sylvere as a guest into the Lower Realm. He needed to use an Immortal who was not connected to the Lower Realm. When Sylvere's guard was down, Dreadite captured him and tore off a piece of his flesh to craft the tombstone. Once erected, the Tombstone opened a portal that allowed the spirits of the Lower Realm to escape and terrorize the living in the Middle Realm. This invasion was halted shortly through the intervention of the other Immortals and exists now as a symbol of the old conflict.

The Tombstone also has the power to predict who will die, but it is taboo to read it.

  • 'Should you come across the Macabre Tombstone, do not look upon it; for if you see your name engraved into it, then your soul will be lost.'