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The Cleft of Dimensions has several minigames that can be played while connected to the game.

Utensil Wars

A two-player real-time strategy game played in a 3x5 grid of MUD rooms. It requires two players.

See the main article at Utensil Wars.

Freeze Tag

A two-team variant of freeze tag. This game has to be started by a staff member.

See the main article at Freeze Tag.


Blackjack can be played at the casino in Brigantes. You only need one person to play.

The shoe that Oogie deals from effectively contains infinite decks; drawing a card of any given value does NOT decrease the odds of drawing another card of the same value. This makes the game slightly less fair for the player since it becomes impossible to count cards.

To compensate for this disadvantage, there are several large bonus payouts that the player can receive when they manage to do things like triple 7s, or a five-card 21.