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Monstro Town is a small secluded town of reformed monsters. It is in southwestern Fa'Diel near the Luon Highway.

Monstro Town
Monstro Town!
Source: Super Mario RPG
Builder: Ziddar, Kolem, Ageatii
Level Range: ALL
Linked: Yes


c130 - Monstro Town is established by Monster Mama, with the help of Lea Monde patrons.

136 - Lea Monde forces scavenge the area in an attempt to capture the townspeople at all costs, but are sent home by the Beast Kingdom on behalf of Viorar.

137 - The Beast King declares Myrhh Island a sanctuary.

140 - Martial arts master Jinx settles in Monstro Town.

170 - Lea Monde falls, and the inhabitants of Monstro Town leave their village safely for the first time in 40 years.

333 - A wormhole briefly appears over Monstro Town at midnight, closing up within minutes.

A large mansion is Monstro Town is purchased by an individual no one has come in personal contact with, named Culex.

3-ish Years from Present Day - Monstro Town is almost destroyed by the Sinistrals using the Mana Fortress but it is saved by GForte and Ambience. Citizens are evacuated by members of the Wishborn.


It's just a boring small town that overlooks the sea, from somewhere in Myrhh Island.

It has a surprisingly adequate art scene, and master Jinx's Dojo is located there.


The entrance to Monstro Town is hidden from the public, and the inhabitants would prefer it stay that way, but it's really pretty easy to find on Myrhh Island, which is just off the west side of the Luon Highway..


Monstro Town consists mostly of beings considered monsters that were experimented on in Lea Monde. Certain Lea Monde aristocrats purchased a large group of the monsters under the guise of slavery, but freed them while on a trade caravan to Viorar.

One of the matango maids was also given priceless items and sent with the monsters to help them establish a living. She is referred to now as Monster Mama.

Law, Government, and Politics

The Beast Kingdom simultaneously declared ownership and freed Monstro Town when they made the island a sanctuary, forbidding any reclamations from Lea Monde.

Monstro Town exists in Fa'Diel, but it's operations are entirely independent from the union. Likewise, any sort of "ownership" over the denizens has expired because Lea Monde is no more.


One day, a trio of goombettes wished to play outside, but their father wouldn't them leave until they completed the following chores for the day:

- Master artifice.

- Train with Jinx.

- Patronize an art gallery.

- Play with spirits.

- Land the finishing blow on a powerful stranger.

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Great weapons for novices are sold in this town, but only for explorers keens enough to find it!"