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The main goal of the Cleft of Dimensions is, very simply, to kill monsters to gain levels and then taking their stuff to kill more monsters. There are lots of ways to accomplish this broad goal, which have been sorted into eight distinct character Classes. Each Class has the choice at level thirty(30) to Evolve, or specialize, into an upgraded version of their class that focuses on particular aspects of the original class.

In no particular order, here are the Classes; sorted by Tier-1 classes with their Tier-2 choices underneath them.

  • Knight: Use a big metal shield to keep people from killing you and taking your stuff.
    • Cavalier: They say that the best offense* is a good defense.
    • Templar: People try to kill you, which only makes you stronger, so you kill them.
  • Warrior: Use a weapon to kill people till they die, and take their stuff.
    • Warlord: Use any weapon and fancy moves to kill people, and take their stuff.
    • Gladiator: Use wrestling moves and Super-combos to kill people and take their stuff.
  • Thief: Take people's stuff, then kill them afterwards.
    • Ninja: Sneak up on people, kill them, and take their stuff.
    • Merchant: Buy stuff from people, kill them, and get your money back.
  • Wizard: Use magical fireballs to kill people and take their stuff.
    • Archmage: Master the fine art of spell-casting to make super spells to kill people and take their stuff.
    • Elementalist: Harness the raw power of mana to kill everything in the room and take their stuff.
  • Priest: Keep yourself and your friends from being killed and your stuff taken.
    • Shaman: Transform yourself into an avatar of might and kill people and take their stuff.
    • Surgeon: Use Zombify and lots of healing magic to kill(?) people and take their stuff.
  • Summoner: You and your magical friends kill people and take their stuff.
    • Necromancer: Kill people, take their stuff, then animate their corpses to kill more people.
    • Dollmage: A powerful magic golem kills people for you and you take their stuff.
  • Geomancer: Kill people and take the stuff that belonged to mother earth in the first place.
    • Terraformer: Sometimes people die of natural causes and now their stuff is yours.
    • Time Mage: Forsee that peoples' stuff belongs to you, then kill them and take it.
  • Dancer: Bewitch and beguile your foes into killing themselves so you can take their stuff.
    • Gambler: Cheat at games to win other peoples' stuff, with their life as the ante.
    • Diva: Demand that others give you their stuff, then kill themselves because you're bored.
    • Vampire: Forget the stuff and take people's blood instead, which kills them.

( * Way to kill people and take their stuff )

Class Table

The abilities listed here are always on, just by being a character of that class. No skills are involved and you can't remort these abilities over to a different class.

Class Primary Stat HP per level MP per level Weapon choices Specials
Knight STR 12 - 15 1 - 1 3
Warrior STR 9 - 12 1 - 1 3
Thief DEX 7 - 10 1 - 1 1* Thieves can Scan into dark rooms if the room they're in is lit. They also don't lose experience when fleeing from combat.
Wizard INT 6 - 9 7 - 10 1
Priest WIS 7 - 10 4 - 7 2 Priests can sacrifice piles of money to recover their mana at a rate of 1 mana per 50 silver.
Summoner CON 9 - 12 2 - 4 2 Summoners can have one more follower than any other class (3)
Geomancer WIS 7 - 10 4 - 7 2 Geomancers get an improved survey command, with more information on the room they are in.
Dancer DEX 7 - 10 2 - 4 2
  • Thieves get Short Piercing for free, plus one other weapon skill of their choice.