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Remort is a special command reserved for players who have reached level 100. Remorting 'restarts' your character. Aside from being able to choose a new race and class, remort characters can change their sex, innate, and weapon proficiencies! Title, pretitle, prompt, description, and hours played all carry over to your remort character - redoing customizations is unnecessary! Even your quest flags are reset, so you can pursue another branch of Feyan Lake or Madra Ice Field to your heart's content!

Remort characters can choose one skill or spell to carry over from their existing character to their new character, allowing you to create hybrid classes. The chosen skill retains its percent proficiency. Weapon skills, racial skills, artifice, and Megamagic are prohibited. Warriors who choose a particular style as their carryover skill automatically get the general 'style' skill too. You can choose an additional skill every time you remort.

Remort characters get to carry over some of their inventory to their new character. Unlike regular items, carried-over items will save with your character even if they are out of level range. Want to save restrung equipment or staff tokens? Go ahead! However, you are limited to carrying no more than 40 items with a total weight of no more than 100 pounds. Koopa shells, Jumi cores, etc. will not carry over.

All those bonuses aside, remorting does come with a price. Along with being reset to level 1, your character will require 200 more experience points to level. This is cumulative every time a character remorts. Someone remorting for the first time will require 2200 xp to level, and someone remorting for the third time will require 2600 xp to level, and so on.

You must have 5000 gold, combined between your money on hand and in the bank, in order to remort. It is advised you keep this gold in your bank account so that it doesn't count against your 100 pound weight limit. Leftover gold is not carried over to the remorted character, and it is against the rules to attempt to keep your gold(by dropping it and picking it up later, etc).