Feyan Lake

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Feyan Lake
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Source: Original/Legend of Mana/Love Hina
Builder: Lilly + Ageatii + Kain Abel
Level Range: 41-45
Linked: Yes

Feyan Lake is a small body of water in Fa'Diel.


In recent Cleft history, Brigantean Forces used the village of Brei as a stronghold.


The Hinata Inn

Originally located in the Kanagawa Prefecture in the Kantō region of Japan, the Hinata Inn fell into the Cleft of Dimensions and became part of western Fa'Diel. Formerly an all-girls dormitory, it is now a hot springs inn run by the Urashima family. It is located along the western edge of the lake.


A small village with a blacksmith and a leather worker rests along the south.


Feyan Lake can be reached by following a southern road in the Oreyndur Forest.


Fey, villagers from Brei, and Kobolds occupy the entirety of the area. The villagers and the fey don't seem to get along. The Fey are invisible to untrained eyes and seem to reside in the center of the lake. A Wisdom of Mana frequents the area, too.

Law, Politics, and Government

While Feyan Lake lies in Fa'Diel, general control of the area is contested due to the tensions between the Fey and the villagers of Brei. The staff of the Hinata Inn keep to themselves.


A traveling Kokiri once drug his fairy away from the Oreyndur Forest as she begged to stay and go on an epic quest with other fairies to:


- Commit inter-inn espionage.

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Don't get caught off guard with lunging woodsmen! A Potion of Everview from Orbonne Monastery or Brigantes can help you see hidden and invisible creatures."