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Deneb Rhode
Queen of the Pumpkins ♥
Age: ???
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Brigantes (Queen)

Sorceress Deneb is a notorious witch and powerful sorceress. She has almost no morals, siding with whichever side would appear to offer her the most personal gain, but remaining loyal only to herself. Deneb seems to have a fixation for pumpkins; in fact, she created the pumpkinhead race by abducting and experimenting on human test subjects. This is how the magical glass pumpkin was invented, which also acts as a key to unlock the seal on her castle Brigantes. Should she be killed or decide she is no longer fond of her current body, Deneb has the ability to reincarnate herself or transfer into a new body.

Also known as the Pumpkin Queen.