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  • For the character class that evolves from Wizard, see Sorcerer.

What is a Sorceress?

A Sorceress, much like a Scribe-priestess, can use magic more directly than other casters. Most wizards unconciously draw energy from Salamando when they cast a fire spell. Sorceresses are powerful enough to conciously draw directly from the flow of mana using their own power. It is known that Sorceresses are very hard to kill - that is, often they seem to die and reappear later.

Sorceresses in History

With great power comes great arrogance, and a Sorceress is no exception. In fact, she may be the rule, for nearly every Sorceress in the history of the Cleft has been cruel and vicious. No kingdom has ever willingly had a Sorceress as their ruler, although many have had positions of power (Like Angela).

Known Sorceresses

Deneb, the Pumpkin Queen: She does not use the title of Sorceress, preferring instead to call herself a witch, but many suspect that she is one. Her magical abilities are very impressive indeed, and no one has ever matched her skill in enchantments and cursing. Unfortunately, she is ridiculously vapid and vain.

Sorceress Vulpecula: Vulpecula was hell incarnate, using her fire spells to oppress her dominions and enslave others. Arctic is thought to have killed her or undone her Sorceress power in the cataclysmic forming of the Madra Ice Field.

Goreomemu: Mostly a reclusive hag who was once a beautiful witch. Because her Sorceress' power is not natural, and comes from her Dusk Requiem, she has aged faster than most by abusing it. She rules over Goreomemu Swamp, enslaving lost souls and commanding mud golems and bog imps.

Angela: Mayor of Truce, and fond of long vacations. Although currently MIA, Angela is the most approachable Sorceress. She is not as strong as Deneb or even Goreomemu, but her good looks and attitude have shown her victory over many an enemy.

Diana of Diamonds: Only suspected of being a Sorceress because of her immense power, Diana was once a great leader to the Jumi race. She could heal many wounds and inflict various punishments, Petrification not being the least. She was petrified herself.