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Rare albino lobsterman.

Lobstermen are giant crustaceans (well, giant for a crustacean) with a humanoid shape.


Lobstermen were hunted for generations, spared from complete genocide solely because they can live deep under water. In recent years, the persecution they once suffered has lightened, as the peoples of the surface have discovered other, tastier, easier-to-obtain varieties of seafood.


                STR INT WIS DEX CON
Starting Stats: 13  14  13  11  14 
Maximum Stats:  20  19  17  16  19 

Lobstermen resist the Water element but are vulnerable to Wood. They also come with the Swim affect, which allows them to traverse water rooms without a boat or being able to fly.

When not using a weapon, Lobstermen do about (level x .63) slashing damage with their claws, instead of the normal unarmed punch used by other races (level x .25).