Mana Stones

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Mana Stones are a physical manifestation of Mana which give their element a greater influence in the surrounding area, and likely possess great power. They have a magic seal on them which keeps the Mana Holyland closed. They also contain, or once contained, the God-Beasts of Mana.

There are eight of them, one for each aspect of Mana. They are ostensibly guarded by their associated Mana Spirits.

  • Earth - Somewhere in the Haunted Wasteland. It dried out the entire nation of Iktoa into a giant awful desert over a long period of time.
  • Fire - ???
  • Wind - Within Final Weapon, high above the surface of the Cleft. The winds generated by this mana stone power the space station via wind turbines in its interior. Used to be in Mt. Rolante.
  • Water - Rumored to be somewhere in the middle of the ocean.
  • Light - In Gold City. It sheds light over Gold City and the surrounding areas, bathing them in eternal sunshine. Used to be in the Cave of Waterfalls.
  • Dark - ???
  • Moon - In the Midnight Gardens. It casts the Beast Kingdom and Viorar into eternal nighttime.
  • Wood - Somewhere in the Jungle of Illusion.