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King Vegeta of the planet Vegeta. His son is also named Vegeta so you can get some idea of the creativity of your average Saiyan.

Saiyans are violent people with dark hair and a monkey tail. They can turn into giant apes.

Despite the similarities between humans and Saiyans, Saiyans are in fact SPACE ALIENS from the planet Vegeta. Nevertheless, Saiyans-human hybrids exist, and the Saiyan gene pool has probably been slowly diluted because of this. These cross-breeds tend to have all the normal abilities of normal Saiyans.

For whatever reason, a pure-blooded adult Saiyan is doomed to have the same hairstyle for life. Once reaching a certain length (particular to each Saiyan), their hair will simply stop growing unless it gets cut somehow.


The hallmark of the Saiyan race is their ability to change into a giant ape when looking at a full moon. On planets where there are multiple moons or the lunar cycle is rapid, this would give them a huge advantage. Fortunately for the rest of civilization, the Cleft only has one moon which runs on a 27-day cycle.

A Saiyan's tail is key to this ability; if the tail is severed they can't transform, although the tail will slowly regrow unless it is pulled out by the root. (There's no in-game way to lose your tail though so don't worry about this too much as a player.)


Long ago: A contingent of Saiyans falls into the Cleft. They immediately commence pillaging and murdering and stealing everyone's women.

Later: Various Saiyans set themselves up as minor but powerful warlords and national governments are forced to dispatch armies deal with them.

Later Still: Several generations of interbreeding with the local population and the violent deaths of the most powerful Saiyans reduces the power level of the average Saiyan to a fraction of its former glory.

Modern Day: Saiyans have mostly integrated themselves into normal society and can be found here and there across the world.


                STR INT WIS DEX CON
Starting Stats: 15  11  11  14  14
Maximum Stats:  21  16  16  19  19

Saiyans can access their Oozaru form for (40 + level/5) pulses by looking at the sky ('look sky') when the moon is full or mostly full. This gives them 20% more HP, +4 to Strength, gives them an extra attack in combat (which stacks with Haste), and makes all normal attacks do 25% more damage. Transforming prevents them from casting spells until it wears off, however.

Saiyans also hunger twice as fast as other races.


  • Although Saiyans become hungry faster than other races, their fullness decreases at the same rate! This makes it more important to select more nutritious food, with a higher satiation-to-fullness ratio.