Stars of Destiny

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Welcome to the Stars of Destiny page! Here, you can follow the weekly events of the Stars of Destiny arc and check out the list of all the stars who were recruited on the tablet page.

Stars of Destiny was an RP arc run by Oboyo during 2013 that centered around his mansion in Shrike. It primarily used tones from the Suikoden series with a focus on battling ghosts and preparing for an invasion of phantoms aboard the Fog Ship as was predicted by the seer Leknaat. Players would submit their characters and be assigned a star similar to party members in the Suikoden series. The goal of the arc was to recruit as many Stars of Destiny as possible as well as securing alliances with other groups in the cleft to provide support against the Fog Ship's invasion. In-game, the Stars of Destiny were referred to as the "Paranormal Deliverance Force" and were ICly known for their expertise in dispatching ethereal threats. The arc ended in August 2013 and its RP logs can be read in the RP Logs section.

SoD Weekly Summary

Tablet of Stars

Manor Missions