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Some Roleplaying Arcs have gotten too big for their britches and have had their log listings relocated to their own page on the Wiki. Each arc's heading remains here, but if it has become too big for this page, please follow the link located under the heading to see the logs listed for it on its own page.

General Roleplaying

Logs that aren't necessarily part of any story arc.

Please see Please see This Section for these logs.

Mavericks and Hunters

Log Date Characters
Stalwart Hunters (1) 2004-12-09 Variance
Stalwart Hunters (2) 2004-12-20 Variance, Seikou
The Cover-Up 2004-12-22 Variance, Seikou
On Watch 2004-12-24 Variance, Seikou
Maverick At Last 2004-12-27 Vice, Variance
Downtime at Hunter HQ 2004-12-28 Variance, Seikou
Maverick Returns 2004-12-29 Vice, Variance, Seikou
Reploid in Love 2004-12-30 Variance, Seikou
Ambush! 2004-12-30 Vice, Variance, Seikou
Ambush!(2) 2004-12-30 Vice, Variance, Seikou
Taunting the Hunter 2004-12-31 Vice, Variance
Breaking the Hunter 2004-12-31 Vice, Seikou
Attack on Truce 2005-01-02 Vice, Variance, Seikou, Aura
Prelude to Despair 2005-01-04 Variance, Seikou
Until Proven Guilty 2005-01-05 Variance, Seikou, Signas
Direct Approach 2005-01-08 Vice, Variance, Seikou
Third Attack 2005-01-10 Variance, Seikou
Betrayal 2005-01-12 Variance, Seikou

Rise of the Ravens

Log Date Characters
The Sound Of Music 2012-03-17 Lilliana, Forte, Aluella
A Killer Performance 2012-03-31 Annabeth, Toby, Rana, Gforte, Sunflash, Jillian
Assessment 2012-04-01 Roll, Forte, Aluella
The Chase 2012-04-07 Gforte, Sunflash, Jacen, Rana
No Luck 2012-06-02 Gforte, Sunflash, Jacen, Avaline, Jillian
Changing Tactics 2012-07-14 Gforte, Sunflash, Jacen, Avaline, Jillian
Onward! 2012-08-19 Analine, Sunflash, Jacen, Torval, Brutte

The Wishes

In 2011, a little creature called Kyuubey appeared, offering a trade - one wish in exchange for becoming a magical girl or boy (or 'thing') and fighting against eldritch entities known as witches.

Please see This Section for logs relating to that plotline.

The Chronicles of Mana Storyline

Seven years following the Mana Tree's destruction, Aura and her family are separated between worlds; the former is kept in the Mana Holyland to help oversee the Great Tree's revival, while Ambience and Seikou are left to themselves in the middle realm. A mysterious woman shows up with questions about the past, and forgotten omens may have found their way to the surface...

Please see This Section for logs relating to that plotline.

Mana/Wishes Storyline Crossing

Because sometimes fate has a way of involving us all...

Log Date Characters
Fear and Revelations 2011-12-03 Ambience, Seikou, Crossroads, Koa, Kyuubey, Reize, Ezekial, Mogwai
Trusting Souls 2011-12-08 Ambience, Crossroads, Korryn
A Dark Promise 2012-01-14 Tyrranis, Shamaster, Crazed, Lilliana, Crossroads
A Dark Promise Reinforced 2012-01-22 Tyrranis, Crossroads, Crazed
No Love Lost 2012-02-18 Kyuubey, Tyrranis, Crossroads, Lorastine, Ambience, Kanato, Knochen, Erica
Rubbing In The Despair 2012-02-27 Ambience, Crossroads, Lorastine, Tyrranis, Kyrk
The Failed Compromise 2012-03-03 Crossroads, Lorastine, Tyrranis, Ambience
The Unexpected 2012-03-13 Crossroads, Lorastine, Tyrranis, Ambience, Mollianne
Yoma and Wishborn and Centaurs, Oh My! 2012-05-26 Kyuubey, Rarity, Aurum, Sylana, Mogwai, Teravin, Adbo, Ambience, Bahamut, Helios
Eight Hooves and Two Legs 2012-06-01 Ambience, Rarity, Alyss
Faith in the Soulless 2012-06-02 Ambience, Rarity
The Cabin in the Woods 2012-06-06 Ambience, Rarity
As Time Passes... 2012-06-16 Ambience, Rarity
A Boy and His Pony 2012-06-29 Ambience, Rarity
A Witch's Glee 2012-06-29 Rarity, Helios, Mogwai, Rizar, Emoman, Basic, Busted, Bahamut, Ezekial, Berrypunch
The Oracle's Visit 2012-06-29 Aura, Rarity
A Brush with the Future 2013-03-23 Gforte, Jillian, Lorastine, Crossroads
A Brush with the Future (2) 2013-04-07 Gforte, Jillian, Crossroads
Messenger From Above 2013-05-04 Ambience, Crossroads, Mollianne, Lorastine

Chaos and Drink

Imbibobot found God in a bar and became an Alcoholic. Follow the journey of this filthy, rusted robot and his band of acolytes!

Log Date Characters
Imbibobot 1 2010-11-13 Imbibobot, Skyjack, Fishspill
Imbibobot 2 2010-11-21 Imbibobot, Cedeno, Prometheus, Jane, Ghostfish
Imbibobot 3 2010-11-27 Imbibobot, Armandine, Ulyaoth, Aemmeu, Heyan
Imbibobot 4 2010-12-04 Imbibobot, Armandine, Mr. Saturn, Nikita
Imbibobot 5 2010-12-11 Imbibobot, Snoozewolf, Kolem, Dusk, Mpoppybros, Monkooky
Imbibobot 6 2010-12-18 Imbibobot, Cedeno, Dusk, Kolem, Thoban, Prometheus
Imbibobot 7 2011-01-08 Imbibobot, Armandine, Kolem, Cedeno, Oron, Prometheus, Jane, Toroko
Imbibobot 8 2011-01-15 Imbibobot, Kolem, Dusk, Armandine, Cedeno
Imbibobot 9 2011-01-29 Imbibobot, Jane, Dusk, Kolem, Menmenth, Armandine, Dr. Albert Wily
Imbibobot 10 2011-02-05 Imbibobot, Kolem, Armandine, Demeter, Cedeno, Dusk
Imbibobot 11 2011-02-19 Imbibobot, Kolem, Lenai, Artas, Naiad, Dusk
Imbibobot 12 2011-02-26 Imbibobot, Demeter, Lenai, Kolem, Forte
Imbibobot 13 2011-03-05 Imbibobot, Kolem, Lenai, Demeter, Dusk, Dr. Albert Wily
Imbibobot 14 2011-03-12 Imbibobot, Retroludus, Lenai, Gatts, Dusk, Kolem, Chef Kawasaki
Imbibobot 15 2011-03-19 Imbibobot, Demeter, Dusk, Kage, Retroludus, Kolem, Keeryu, Lenai
Imbibobot 16 2011-03-26 Imbibobot, Gatts, Retroludus, Lenai, Kolem, Keeryu, Oboyo, Dusk
Imbibobot 17 2011-04-23 Imbibobot, Gatts, Kolem, Dusk, Oboyo
Imbibobot 18 2011-04-30 Imbibobot, Kolem, Dusk, Keeryu, Mr. Moti
Imbibobot 19 2011-05-07 Dusk, Kolem, Menmenth, Keeryu, Mr. Moti
Imbibobot 20 2011-05-14 Dusk, Decidrion, Mr. Moti
Imbibobot 21 2011-05-21 Lenai, Torval, Dusk, Neera, Kolem
Imbibobot 22 2011-05-28 Imbibobot, Forte, Rathorn, Dusk, Korryn, Kolem, Lenai
Imbibobot 23 2011-06-11 Imbibobot, Kolem, Kage, Rathorn, Lenai, Korryn, Torval, Yuji
Imbibobot 24 2011-06-18 Imbibobot, Zeth, Emoman, Gatts, Torval, Lenai, Sunflash, Dusk, Kolem, Casey
Imbibobot 25 2011-06-25 Torval, Prometheus, Gatts, Zeth, Dusk
Imbibobot 26 2011-07-02 Kolem, Dusk, Torval, Emoman, Prometheus, Zeth, Dr. Albert Wily

The Mana Spirits

Mogwai and co. seek the blessings of the Mana Spirits!

Log Date Characters
The Mana Spirits (1) 2012-07-13 Mogwai, Jameson, Twilight, Eevee
The Mana Spirits (2) 2012-07-28 Mogwai, Eevee, Helios, Jameson, Twilight
The Mana Spirits (3) 2012-08-04 Mogwai, Eevee, Jameson, Finn, Nagol, Twilight
The Mana Spirits (4) 2012-08-10 Mogwai, Eevee, Jameson, Finn, Nagol, Spitfire
The Mana Spirits (5) 2012-08-17 Mogwai, Eevee, Sweetie, Finn, Nagol, Spitfire
The Mana Spirits (6) 2012-08-25 Mogwai, Eevee, Sweetie, Finn, Minako, Ambience
The Mana Spirits (7) 2012-09-07 Mogwai, Eevee, Finn, Wrench, Brutte, Vinyl, Helios
The Mana Spirits (8) 2012-09-14 Mogwai, Eevee, Vinyl, Heather, Kupenreich, Finn, Riko, Helios, Sweetie

108 Stars of Destiny

Join the PDF as they hunt down ghosts and assorted other, possibly corporeal, things!
See the Stars of Destiny page for more details.

Please see This Section for logs relating to that plotline.

The Shadows of Time

Something, something, Darkrai.

Log Date Characters
Shadows of Time: The Cursed Hermit 2013-03-20 Caleb, Mogwai, Gizmo, Jameson
Shadows of Time: The Loyal Warrior 2013-03-23 Caleb, Gizmo, Jameson, Mogwai
Shadows of Time: Finding His Tracks 2013-03-30 Caleb, Jameson, Mogwai, Gizmo
Shadows of Time: The Halls of Darkness 2013-04-24 Caleb, Jameson, Mogwai, Gizmo
Shadows of Time: Fallen Angels 2013-04-25 Caleb, Jameson, Mogwai, Gizmo
Shadows of Time: The Triad Revelation 2013-05-01 Caleb, Jameson, Mogwai, Gizmo
Shadows of Time: Time's Scars 2013-05-02 Caleb, Mogwai, Gizmo
Shadows of Time: Dimension's Scream 2013-05-09 Caleb, Mogwai, Gizmo, Jameson
Shadows of Time: The Future is Ours 2013-05-10 Mogwai, Gizmo, Eevee


Pokémon of the Cleft, unite!

Log Date Characters
Poképals! 2012-09-03 Eevee, Julexa
Poképals! (2) 2012-09-05 Eevee, Julexa
Memories of My Brother 2013-03-30 Eevee, Julexa
Somebunny's New to the Cleft 2013-06-13 Eevee, Julexa, A Random Lopunny
Dreams of Unity 2013-06-15 Eevee, Julexa, Candice
A Family Reunited 2013-06-22 Eevee, Julexa, Candice
New Lives 2013-06-28 Eevee, Julexa, Candice

Heroes for Hire

Pay Money, Receive "Heroes"!

Log Date Characters
The First Heroes 2013-09-08 RedMage, Nancy, Elie, Raion, Gemma
Hostage Negotiators 2013-09-14 Nancy, Elie, Leia, Gemma
A Cabin in the Woods 2013-09-21 Damesik, Porslain, Raven, Gemma, Narukami
A Cabin in the Woods (The Return Trip) 2013-09-27 Damesik, Porslain, Gemma, Narukami, Jensen
Flashback 2013-10-08 Greychild, Gemma
Lost 2013-10-11 Narukami, Greychild, Nancy, Leia, Damesik, Porslain, Gemma, Synch
Gotta Exorcise 'Em All! (1) 2013-10-18 Demonicor, Narukami, Damesik, Prometheus
Gotta Exorcise 'Em All! (2) 2013-10-20 Demonicor, Narukami, Damesik, Prometheus
Breaths of the Past 2013-10-30 Synch, Bree
Second Chances 2013-11-11 Synch, Elie
Festive Dream 2013-11-22 Damesik, Narukami, Greychild, Nancy, Demeter
Children's Games 2013-11-28 Kimen, Clayton

Legio Aurea

The story of a loose gathering of comrades who would hunt down and do battle against evil demons, witches and the like.

Log Date Characters
The Prodigal Son 2015-01-01 Kimen, Edmund
The Wind Spirit 2015-01-01 Kimen, Edmund
Late-Night Drinking 2015-01-01 Zendra, Caius
The Second Lesson 2015-01-01 Kimen, Edmund
Chiseling Away the Barrier 2015-01-01 Kimen, Gustav
Chalk Lesson 2015-01-01 Kimen, Gustav
Paintings on the Wall 2015-01-01 Kimen, Crona
An Awkward Meal 2015-01-01 Zendra, Gustav
Mandala 2015-01-01 Edmund, Caius, Gustav, Silas, Zendra, Dio, Edgar, Coloumb, Miranda, Kimen

Hikari no Matsuri: Year 13

The Festival of Lights promises to be an unforgettable event this year, as a host of female performers and musicians set the stage for an entertainment entourage that will end in a way nobody expected...

Log Date Characters
The Prelude 2023-12-31 Hikari, Kaede, Mollianne, Sunflash
Day 1: Kaede's Time to Shine 2024-01-01 Hikari, Kaede, Mollianne, Persephone, Sunflash
Day 2: Body Language 2024-01-02 Hikari, Mollianne, Persephone, Sunflash
Day 3: Persephone's Light 2024-01-03 Hikari, Mollianne, Persephone, Sunflash
Day 3: Familiar Faces 2024-01-03 Sunflash, Hikari, Mollianne
Day 5: Don't Give in to Sorrow 2024-01-05 Hikari, Mollianne, Persephone, Sunflash
Day 6: Entwined 2024-01-06 Hikari, Mollianne, Persephone, Sunflash
Day 7: An Answered Plea 2024-01-07 Hikari, Mollianne, Persephone, Sunflash, Ambience, Lyll
Day 7: Reunion 2024-01-07 Mollianne, Sunflash, Ambience, Lyll
Epilogue: Departure 2024-01-12 Mollianne, Sunflash, Ambience, Lyll
Epilogue: Friends 2024-01-12 Mollianne, Sunflash, Ambience, Lyll, Hikari, Persephone, Kaede

Worlds Apart

A chance encounter reunites two long-separated souls who share a complicated past, with an equally-complicated future waiting to be written...

Log Date Characters
That Which Does Not Kill Us... 2024-04-18 Mollianne, Kaine
A Domain of Chaos 2024-04-26 Mollianne, Kaine
Seven Hours Later 2024-05-16 Mollianne, DarkPyre, Salazar
A Bird in Her Cage 2024-05-16 Mollianne, DarkPyre, Salazar, Kaine
Homecoming 2024-05-16 Mollianne, Kaine, Thyrenne
Knowledge for Knowledge's Sake 2024-05-16 Mollianne, Kaine, Dugar
The Lone Bird in the Shire 2024-05-16 Mollianne, Kaine

Posting RP Logs

DO NOT post your own RP logs on this page. Clean them up and send them to the current RP Admin's email address (cleftofd_rp at hotmail dot com). A staff member will format the logs and post them here.

A clean log should be free of OOC chatter, with your prompts removed, and should be corrected as best you can for SMOTE and SAY inaccuracies if you want the whole log to appear from the third person. A clean log has been edited; line-too-long cutoffs and other formatting issues should be already corrected.

Credit for Roleplaying on the Cleft

You can earn Tokens of Restringing and even Immortal Tokens by being active in the roleplaying community on the Cleft of Dimensions! Here's how it works:

All Roleplaying sessions will be given equal credit. It doesn't matter you're in a longstanding plot, doing a one-on-one session, or just free- forming. I reserve to right to give additional credit to outstanding RP sessions, however, on a case by case basis. Plot leaders/hosters will also be given additional initiative-taking bonuses, to be determined by me over the time that said plot remains in play.

All RP logs sent to me (via email) will qualify as a 3/2 method of token acquisition. This means that a player will receive 2 restring Tokens for every 3 logs that are sent my way.

World Notes are worth 1 Restring Token for every 2 notes that are written. These world notes are required to be decently-written, however; while I understand that not everyone is a novelist, slapping down a quick paragraph-and-a-half about incredibly-vague do-nothings will not earn you anything.

Immortal Token credits are acquired as follows: -15 Immortal Token 'Credits' required to earn 1 Immortal Token. -2 World Notes will earn 1 Immortal Token Credit. -1 RP Log will earn 1 Immortal Token Credit.

Lilly keeps a running database to keep up to date on who has earned what, so if you haven't received anything from an RP you've been in recently, be patient; the credit is there, and will be seen through once the logs and such are uploaded to the Wiki.