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Bahamut the Fake
It was a powerful dragon, but still not the real thing.
Age: Ancient
Race: Esper
Status: Magicite (Dead)
Affiliation: The Empire (former leader)

Active: Year 105(?) - ??

Bahamut the Fake was an ancient esper of enormous power, looking mostly like a huge metallic gray dragon, who had been in the Cleft at least since the Second Age. For the bulk of that time, it had remained in seclusion, living out of a cave high in the Loftarasa Mountains. Normally speaking, it only interacted with other creatures when they wandered onto its doorstep. But as time pressed on, it grew more and more angry at the way Espers had been treated.

It formed The Empire to force the people of the Cleft to treat Espers fairly and lay waste to those who would oppose its ideals. Since Truce refused to accept the rule of the Empire, Bahamut decided to show the world it meant business by destroying the town. It negotiated a contract with Deneb for her support and to conscript a gaggle of War Witches into the Empire's already-formidable army.

After a particularly grueling battle, fighting against an array of heroes and the Truce Militia, Deneb attempted to negotiate a cease-fire with Truce. Enraged at her apparent cowardice, Bahamut The Fake attacked her, breaking the magic-laden contract they had and almost immediately turning the dragon into a huge chunk of magicite.

It was later realized that this Bahamut was not the Father of the Eidolons as it had claimed, hence the posthumous title it has been given. It was an esper with a great deal of power perhaps, but the true Bahamut rests in the Lunar Subterrane waiting for worthy adventurers to test.