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'''[[Area_of_the_Month | Area of the Month]]'''
'''[[Area_of_the_Month | Area of the Month]]'''
The Area of the Month for June 2019 is [[June_2019:_Brigantes|Brigantes!]]
The Area of the Month for July 2019 is [[July_2019:Mount_Rolante|Mount Rolante!]]
Somewhat hidden in the northeast of Guardia, the witch town of Brigantes is popular with adventurers
Nestled near the very top of the [[Loftarasa_Range|Loftarasa Mountain range]] sits Mount Rolante, home to
for both it's wide variety of shops, as well as its plentiful supply of targets...
several locals and a lot of harpies! Grab your climbing gear and give the place a good look, then come
drop a review for some [[Player_Housing|rewards]]!
Go find the place and give it the ole inspection, then deliver a review for some [[Player_Housing|rewards]]!
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Area of the Month

The Area of the Month for July 2019 is Mount Rolante!

Nestled near the very top of the Loftarasa Mountain range sits Mount Rolante, home to several locals and a lot of harpies! Grab your climbing gear and give the place a good look, then come drop a review for some rewards!

But I'm out of practice points

Quest spells, quest skills, or 'Qspells' are abilities that are only obtainable as rewards for completing quests. Some of them are powerful and rare, and some are just novelties. Which ones you can get depend on your character class and race, but a few are available to every single character type.

All of them are granted at 1% and will need to be practiced like other skills gained by leveling up.

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