A Small Mission 2

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June 1 of the year 323

Dryad's Day

The sun shined brightly, rising from the east, signifying the start of a new day. Its rays shot out across the Cleft, and one of the those up this day, a brown colored reploid, walked a fast pace along the trail from Rocket Town to Truce. The reploid carried something in each hand; It carried a small plastic card in the right, and an awkward, cylindrical object in the left. Its footsteps left heavy imprints in its wake. It was walking very methodically, but also with much force and energy.

Although it was being forceful in its stride, the reploid was holding its two items as if they were precious or sentimental to it. Gently it held the items, with the most minimum of grip, any less and they would fall to the ground.

Upon entering the town of Truce, it kept up its pace, but also observed the town, while speeding through it. It could see a small moogle wearing a sac slung over its shoulder conversing with a brown-haired human. When reaching the fountain of Truce, it made a quick turn right, heading north of the town.

Sun exposure and the exertion of the brisk walk soon took its toll on the reploid, as they had caused it to heat up rapidly. It slowed to a halt, in the middle of the road, and then sprawled down onto the ground with hot steam spraying out from the cracks of its armor. Within a few minutes of laying on the ground, it had a chance to notice the sky. It looked up, noticing various cloud formations, the light blue of the sky, but after scanning the sky, it also noticed what seemed to be some sort of black object, floating high above land in the sky. The reploid followed the object with persistent eyes, up until the view was obstructed by a low-hanging cloud. The reploid waited to see if the object would come out from behind the cloud, but before it had a chance to do so, a husky voice yelled out at the reploid, distracting the reploid from his endeavor.

Husky voice: "Hey! You there! Whatcha' doin' down laying in the middle of the street?!"

The reploid looked around, and spotted the origin of the voice. It was a fairly large human, or an average sized giganto, it was hard for the reploid to discern which it was. It wore a fairly large amount of metal armor; mostly metal plating with some chainmail. The humanoids helmet was very interesting, for it was a skull cap but with a large assortment of colored feathers adorning the very tip top of the helmet. Sheathed across its back was a double-headed hammer with a long and thick wooden shaft. Judging from the humanoids appearance, it was a warrior of some sort.

After looking at the humanoid for a minute, the reploid responded.

Reploid: "I was on my way to a town called Wutai, but I became exhausted along the way and had to take a rest."

The large humanoid walked up closer to the laying reploid, and then replied.

Humanoid:"If your going to rest, you should at least do it somewhere that wouldn't create an obstacle for people."

The reploid then got up off of the ground, did a few stretches, and then brushed itself off, carefully as it still carried items in each hand. As the reploid got up, it looked up at the towering humanoid. Hesitantly, the reploid responded.

Reploid: "I am sorry for that.. but I must be on my way now, I am on an important mission."

The large humanoid raised its eyebrow down at the reploid and spoke.

Humanoid: "Oh, well I must be on my way too. But, if you would like, we could travel together down to Wutai, as Wutai is on the way to a place I am heading."

The reploid looked down at the ground, paused for a brief moment, then responded.

Reploid: "Okay, I would like that. If we are to travel, though, we should first know each others names. My name is JR-..."

The reploid stopped himself for a moment, pondering a bit, and then spoke again.

Reploid: "I mean my name is Aeon."

The humanoid just stared down at the reploid curiously, but then spoke.

Humanoid:"Well.. my name is Timo. Nice to meet you, Aeon."

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