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You're the man now, Mog.

Moogles are furry little creatures with squinty eyes.


Moogles tend to keep to themselves and also hang out in wilderness, but have nevertheless managed to spread all over the world.

At some point they apparently developed or discovered the dance-like martial art of Capoeira.

A large number of them live within the Moogle Cave in southern Guardia.


                STR INT WIS DEX CON
Starting Stats: 13  14  13  14  13
Maximum Stats:  18  18  18  20  17

Moogles come with the Infrared affect: Infrared lets them see warm-blooded mobiles in the dark.

Moogles receive about a 15% bonus to skill and spell lag. Abilities with 6 beats of lag or less are unaffected.

Moogles have a 25% penalty to HP regeneration. MP and MV regeneration is unaffected.

Moogles are one of the small-sized races in the Cleft of Dimensions.