Dark Machinations

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Jango, the Immortal Lord of Night, attempts to take control of the Middle Realm

  • Experiments on and dissects Reploids
  • Terrorizes and manipulates mortals in attempt to build a following
    • Rika gives herself to Jango in exchange for Vice's life.
  • The Immortal Arctic, Maestro of Weather, stands up for mortals, battling Jango in the Upper and Middle Realms.
  • The Immortal Tenor, the God of Day, sides against Jango, though more for his interest in Sarai than for mortal benefit.
    • Tenor names Sunflash his champion and bids him to head toward Truce, the center of Jango's actions against the Middle Realm.
  • Coalition forms, mortals banding together who were determined to stop Jango.
    • Headed up by Milo.
    • Used abandoned Maverick Hunters base as headquarters.
    • Never named.
    • Jango destroys old Maverick Hunter base.
  • The Immortal Sarai, Keeper of Hope, begins helping Coalition as best she can. Works openly, and closely, with Tenor against Jango.
    • Meets with Milo.
      • Grants Milo wings in her effort to prove her sincerity.
    • Begs Jango to stand down.
  • The Immortal Ageatii, the Caretaker of Vitality, offers sanctuary from Jango to mortals.
    • Testing mortals to see if there really is a threat.
    • Depending on outcome, Ageatii would decide if he was to get involved.
  • Knowing that he could not win on his own against the Upper and Middle Realms arrayed against him, Jango cuts his losses, takes Sarai, and abruptly retreats into the Upper Realm.
    • There are no further actions taken against mortals.

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