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List of Non-player Characters
Governed Lands & Nation States
GuardiaShrikeBeast KingdomAlfador IsleGigan HoldGoaKoopa KingdomMushroom KingdomHyrule
Former Governed Lands & Nation States
IktoaLea MondePedanMonheimBrigantesRolante
Organizations & Industries
RepliforceMonotoli Inc.Nakajima RoboticsShinRa Electric CompanyKnights of the Square TableWindcallers of LelanolCrimson BladesFilaha OrderRoslolian OrderClan of the Lime Tree

Spells of Lore
Layers of the Cleft

Lost Artifacts
Sword of ManaMask of TruthTriforceMajora's MaskOcarina of TimeCore of the ClariusVaria Suit