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The Cleft is rather confused as far as this goes, although likely not for any lack of divine presence. Rather, the confusion comes from the fact that the Gods either bicker wildly with each other or never do anything it all, making it hard to choose a figure of worship. Adding to the confusion is the fact that many newcomers import religions.

Nonetheless, there are many true Gods and Goddesses to be found, even if they do have a tendency to be unstable.

Layers of the Cleft

The Cleft of Dimensions is divided into several layers, in a metaphysical sort of way.

  • The Upper Realm - Home to the immortals and other things
  • The Middle Realm - The physical realm most people inhabit
  • The Underworld - Home of the dead and Dreadite's domain.

See the main article at Layers of the Cleft.


While they are called Immortals, these entities are for the most part entirely mortal, just super-powerful. During the creation of the Cleft, these beings were the first sentient creatures to fall into the Origin Wormholes. It is said the first being that entered the Cleft from the wormhole was imbued with immense power based on their existence in their home dimension.

Other entities listed here are directly related to the Immortals in some way.

High Immortals

The caretakers of the Cleft itself. These Immortals maintain the very fabric of reality, and who's influence and power can be felt across the world.

  • Jango, the Lord of the Night.
  • Rune, the Laboring Alchemist
  • Soohyun, God of Judgment, helps maintain the balance of power between the immortals.
  • Ziddar, the Mischievous Illusion

Lesser Immortals

These beings are no less important than other Immortals, but their influence is both highly focused in specific areas, and draws from the overarching powers of the High Immortals.

  • Lilly, the Animal Shepherd
  • Sarai, the Keeper of Hope
  • Sunflash

Other Beings

These creatures are not quite on the level with the Immortals, but they can't be called mortal either. Their purpose and power varies, and they have no place in the work to keep the Cleft together.

The Claire Bible

The Claire Bible is one of very few magic objects whose source of power is not the Mana Goddess. Instead, it harnesses the divine power of the Immortals directly.

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Forgotten Immortals

  • Ami
  • dataAndrew
  • Hazama
  • Hiru
  • Jeeaghyn
  • Raven
  • Rew
  • Shionjin
  • Sirius
  • Umbraunt


The Mana Goddess and subordinate Mana Spirits control the flow of Mana, and thus, almost all Magic in the Cleft of Dimensions.

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