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Log Date Characters
Incomplete Log: Axl01 2005-07-07 Axl, Spider, Seikou, Signas
Incomplete Log: Axl02 2005-07-14 Axl, Spider, Marino, Signas, Variance, Raitzeno, Lumine
Incomplete Log: Axl03 2005-07-15 Axl, Spider
Incomplete Log: Axl04 2005-07-20 Axl, Spider, Ekkusu, Valkyrie, Coraveda
Incomplete Log: Axl05 2005-07-24 Axl, Spider
Incomplete Log: Axl06 2005-07-26 Axl, Lumine
Incomplete Log: Axl07 2005-07-27 Axl, Spider
Incomplete Log: Axl08 2005-07-28 Axl, Spider, Marino
Incomplete Log: Axl09 2005-07-30 Axl, Spider, Coraveda, Bella
Incomplete Log: Aile06 2005 Aile, Spider, Milo, Axl, Sunflash
Incomplete Log: Aile08 2005 Aile, Spider, Forte, Coraveda
Incomplete Log: Aile09 2005 Aile, Spider, Coraveda, Milo
Incomplete Log: Alia01 2006-06-19 Alia, Bahamut
Premeditation 2012-07-10 Dusk/Florence, Gaeus the Earth, Oxcarts
The Hunt Continues 2012-07-15 Zendra, Prometheus, Aemilia
Equine Omens (1) 2012-07-19 Twilight, Finn
Equine Omens (2) 2012-07-28 Twilight, Nagol, Mogwai
A Stupid Horse and a Foolish Knight (2) 2012-08-08 Twilight, Kent, Helios, Garoth, Kimen
Adventure Time! 2012-08-14 Finn, Jake
Totally Worth It 2012-09-03 Myuubey, Helios, Finn, Jake, Twilight, Lorastine, Mogwai
Equine Omens (4) 2012-09-04 Twilight, Kagura
Hats 'n' Things 2012-09-07 Seren, Aemilia
Argh Evil Kirbies/The Gifted Boy 2012-09-22 Ambience, Zerstorung, Nagol, Mogwai, Drifter, Helios, Vinyl, Finn, Eevee, Giglamesh, Kupenreich
Adventure Time! (2) 2012-09-24 Finn, Jake
A Magic Show 2012-09-28 Toby, Garoth, Rana, Erica, Kupenreich
Well Then, Welcome to the Cleft! 2012-10-02 Kimen, Kent
The Illusionist 2012-10-05 Wayne, Helios, Kimen, Ivane, Finn, Jake, Drifter, Twilight, Metroid, Kahleen
Parties, Ponies and Poundings 2012-10-06 Dr. Clemente, Garoth, Vava, Garoth, Lowell, Lorastine, Demonicor, Kahleen, Eevee, Nagol, Spitfire, Kent, Mogwai, Kupenreich
Newcomers from Every Angle 2012-10-13 Mogwai, Reiko, Altari, Brandt, Kimen, Aralynn, Kent, Drifter, Scott, Gir, Helios, Zim, Demonicor
The Downtrodden Knight 2012-10-14 Kimen, Kent
The Doctor Returns (If Only for a Moment) 2012-10-21 Dr. Clemente, Reiko, Dachande, Aemilia, Rana, Crossroads, Kent, Mollianne, Ivane, Nagol, Garoth, Eevee
The Masquerade! 2012-10-27 Dr. Clemente, Lorastine, Mollianne, Crossroads, Tyrranis, Kent, Kahleen, Kyuubey, Nagol, Ivane, Demonicor, Garoth, Lucy, Helios, Mogwai, Mula, Eevee
Kids These Days 2012-10-29 Kimen, Kent
'Master' & Apprentice 2012-11-06 Kimen, Kent
Within the Moogle Caves 2012-11-07 Garoth, Kahleen
The Meeting 2012-11-17 Garoth, Kahleen, Zeidian, Kent
An Exchange of Words 2012-11-09 Helios, Demonicor
Making One's Destiny 2012-11-09 Eevee, Jameson
"Look! I'm Doing Scien-*urk*..!" 2012-11-10 Knochen, Sweetie, Iccarus, Kyuubey, Kent, Ivane, Nagol, Kahleen, Garoth, Mula, Helios
A Chilly Autumn Night 2012-11-17 Kahleen, Kyuubey, Lucy, Garoth, Coeurl, Vinyl, Clayton, Helios, Tealion, Alivyre
Into the Wilderness 2012-11-18 Kahleen, Garoth, Zaidian
The Swindler 2012-11-19 Elessar, Cerin
Fountain Gatherings (1) 2012-11-24 Kimen, Mogwai, Julexa, Helios, Kent, Gizmo, Demonicor, Digitin
Fountain Gatherings (2) 2012-12-01 Mollianne, Helios, Vinyl, Mogwai, Demeter, Eevee, Kimen, Ira
A Chance Encounter 2012-12-02 Lowell, Knochen
Awhile Back 2012-12-13 Gforte, Amaya
Fountain Gatherings (3) 2012-12-8 Mollianne, Mogwai, Eevee, Lucy, Kent, Gizmo, Kimen, Lucy, Julexa, Fiszeradin, Kahleen, Clayton, Jeffery, Twilight
Legion of Flesh 2012-12-13 Knochen, Lucy, Fiszeradin, Tealion
A Week Long Date: Day 0 2012-12-15 Cerin, Synesthesi
A Week Long Date: Day 1 2012-12-16 Cerin, Synesthesi
A Visit to the Festival 2012-12-22 Eevee, Mogwai, Julexa, Twilight
The Season of Lights 2012-12-23 Mollianne, Kent, Kimen, Mogwai, Eevee, Reila, Ambience, Audrianu, Tealion, Cerin, Synesthesi, Vinyl, Julexa
Visiting a Friend 2012-12-29 Eevee, Mogwai
Fountain Gatherings (4) 2013-01-05 Kyuubey, Johnathan, Mogwai, Eevee, Tealion, Oboyo, Helios, Fiszeradin, Twilight, Gizmo, Kahleen, Kent
A Sudden Farewell 2013-01-19 Mogwai, Eevee, Nightwind, Julexa, Twilight
Lions, Mechons, and Squares 2013-02-09 OldSpice, Lenai, Lancaster, Nocte, Hastur, Mekis, Demonicor, Helios, Reila
Magic is Tragic 2013-02-13 Vinyl, Lancaster, Kent, Mekis, Mogwai, Mula
One Hell of a Fountain 2013-02-16 Oboyo, Gizmo, Helios, Hastur, Lancaster, Carmichael, Kent, Oldman, Vinyl, Jeffery, Garoth, Demonicor, Jax
Fountain Shenanigans 2013-02-23 Mogwai, Gizmo, Mula, Helios, Spitfire, Kent, Roche, Oldman, Fiszeradin, RetroLudus, Garoth, Lancaster, Kojio, Demonicor, Lenai, Manchester
Dio's Vanship 2013-03-01 Dio, Trixie, Hastur
Fountains and Stabbings 2013-03-02 Oboyo, Garoth, Demonicor, Helios, Kahleen, Carmichael, Lucy, Mula, RetroLudus
Lenai's Recruitment 2013-03-04 Lenai, Helios
Bare Revelations 2013-03-16 Caleb, Mogwai, Gizmo, Mula, Helios, RetroLudus, Lenai, Farus, Faith, Demonicor, Lancaster, Twilight, Hastur, Trixie
A Different Fountain 2013-03-21 Aly, Faith, Manchester, Synesthesi, Helios, Cerin, Nagol, OldMan
Pirate Night 2013-03-24 Hastur, Faith, Rca, Jeffery, RetroLudus, Garoth, Aerion
The Way the Fountain Flows 2013-03-30 Kent, Mula, Physicist, Faith, Kahleen, RetroLudus, Garoth, Helios
Fountain Gatherings (5) 2013-04-07 Kent, Hastur, Faith, Dio, Fiszeradin, Helios, Mula, Demonicor
Farmer M85 2013-04-21 Helios, Mula
Fist, Blade and Illusion 2013-04-27 Kent, Garoth, Helios, Demonicor, Balbadorf, Hastur
Fountain Gatherings (6) 2013-05-04 Balbadorf, Fiszeradin, Jeffery, Misnomer, Aerion
Beach Business Proposal 2013-05-06 Kaono, Hastur
Dreams of Stealing the Sky 2013-05-11 Balbadorf, Aerion, Hastur, Helios, Julexa, Mogwai, Eevee
An Eeveeryday Picnic 2013-05-13 Greychild, Eevee
ASF: Not Your Average Evaluation 2013-05-15 Elessar, Gleam, Trinka, Cerin, Manchester
Friends Forever 2013-05-15 Eevee, Mogwai, Finn
Fountain Gatherings (7) 2013-05-19 Eevee, Mogwai, Retroludus, Aerion, Barbadorf, Kent, Kahleen, Garoth
The Great Fortress in the Sky 2013-05-25 Eevee, Mogwai, Retroludus, Aerion, Barbadorf, Aly, Hastur, Nagol
No Place Like Home 2013-06-08 Julexa, Mogwai, Twilight, Gizmo, Hastur, Eevee
Cerin and Lina 2013-06-14 Cerin, Lina
Manchester Goes to a Bar 2013-06-15 Manchester, Cerin, Elessar
Magic AND Swordplay?! 2013-07-01 Kimen, Edmund
How Delightful! 2013-07-04 Trixie, Sandman, Mifune, Edmund, Hastur, Aly
Fountain Gatherings (8) 2013-07-06 Ambience, Sunflash, Mogwai, Edmund, Stein, Mifune, Demonicor
Faith in the Sword 2013-07-07 Mogwai, Eevee
Keys to Infinity 2013-08-05 Mogwai, Eevee, Gizmo
A Spirited Arrival 2013-10-14 Scythe, Stein
Dio's Vanship 2013-10-16 Dio, Manchester, Elessar
Do You Want to Build a Tavern? 2014-02-28 Mogwai, Franky, Urik, Tealion
If You Can't Find a Problem... 2014-02-28 Mogwai, Twilight, Tealion
Halloween Masquerade 2014-10-31 Edmund, Mula, Prometheus, Jeffery, Kimen, Synesthesi, Lucass, Mifune, Hastur
A Wintry Performance 2014-12-03 Helios, Crossroads, Laraek, Allison, Cypher
Suicidal Science 2014-12-31 Kimen, Coloumb, Forte
A Place to Stay 2014-12-31 Kimen, Forte
Not Quite Home 2014-12-31 Kimen, Forte
Community Service 2014-12-31 Kimen, Coloumb
The Hunt for a Secret Base 2014-12-31 Kimen, Coloumb
No Place Like HELL 2014-12-31 Kimen, Coloumb
An Unexpected Old Friend 2014-12-31 Kimen, Kent, Edmund
Battle of the Bridge 2014-12-31 Kent, Sandman, Mifune
Confessions 2014-12-31 Kimen, Forte
Enter Sandman 2014-12-31 Kimen, Kent, Sandman
Hell Hath no Fury 2014-12-31 Caius, Juniper, Garoth, Gustav, Zendra, Dio, Balbadorf, Tom, Goneril, Regan
Herbology 2014-12-31 Kimen, Kent
Lost in Reminiscence 2014-12-31 Kimen, Kent, Edmund
Setebos 2014-12-31 Edgar, Caius, Gustav, Edmund, Zendra, Silas, Balbadorf, Dio, Setebos
Sword in the Stones 2014-12-31 Caius, Edmund, Gustav, Dio, Zendra, Tom, Silas, Edgar
The Battle Alchemist 2014-12-31 Kimen, Coloumb
The Black Dragon Knight 2014-12-31 Edmund, Caius, Gustav, Dio, Balbadorf, Zendra, Ruairi
The Black Swordsman 2014-12-31 Edmund, Caius, Gustav, Dio, Balbadorf, Zendra, Edgar, Roche, Crona, Elie, Medusa
The Blood Knight 2014-12-31 Kimen, Derindar, Monette, Urik
The Kid's Room 2014-12-31 Miranda, Kimen
The Knight and the Dragon 2014-12-31 Reila, Urik
The Tempest 2014-12-31 Caius, Edmund, Garoth, Zendra, Balbadorf, Kent, Miranda
There's a Weapon Inside Crona 2014-12-31 Caius, Balbadorf, Dio, Crona, Zendra, Gustav, Elie, Edmund, Medusa
Where Have You Been!? 2014-12-31 Nocte, Withers
Zendra is an Angreh Woman 2014-12-31 Zendra, Kent