The Wishes

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Log Date Characters
The One Who Fights 2011-10-04 Kyuubey, Tyrranis, Rana
Kyuubey 1 2011-10-27 Kyuubey, Korryn, Cascade
The Apple Inspector 2011-11-19 Crossroads, Tyrannis
New Faces 2012-01-30 Shamaster, Lilliana, Lorastine, Holdana, Tyrranis, Kyuubey, Kyrk
In Our Best Interests 2012-01-31 Shamaster, Lilliana, Kyrk, Lowell, Holdana, Tyrranis
Gathering the Troops 2012-02-01 Crossroads, Tyrannis, Lorastine, Lenai, Lilliana
The Price of Sloth 2012-02-02 Kyrk, Lenai, Dusk, Crossroads, Tyrranis
Web of Misery 2012-02-04 Kyrk, Lenai, Dusk, Crossroads, Tyrranis, Lorastine
The Cuddle Bug 2012-02-06 Lenai, Crossroads, Tyrranis, Lorastine
Clash of Opinions 2012-02-07 Lenai, Kyuubey
Ask and You Shall Receive 2012-02-07 Crossroads, Tyrannis, Kyuubey
Training and Friendship 2012-07-07 Tyrannis, Crossroads
Tyrranis: Reminiscence 2012-08-07 Tyrannis, Crossroads
A New Threat 2012-02-09 Kyuubey, Kyrk, Crossroads, Tyrranis, Lorastine
Idle Banter and Denial 2012-02-10 Ezekial, Crossroads, Kyrk, Kyuubey
No More Secrets 2012-02-11 Lenai, Shamaster, Dusk, Kyuubey, Kyrk, Tyrranis, Crossroads, Lorastine
Taking In the Strays 2012-02-12 Crossroads, Tyrannis
Cleansing the Grief 2012-02-12 Crossroads, Tyrannis, Lorastine
A New Teacher 2012-02-16 Crossroads, Kyrk
Men At Work 2012-02-21 Tyrannis, Kyrk, Lorastine
Tyrranis: Reminiscence II 2012-02-22 Tyrannis, Crossroads
A Learning Experience 2012-02-23 Crossroads, Tyrannis
An Unexpected Homecoming 2012-02-28 Crossroads, Tyrannis
Aim High 2012-03-01 Crossroads, Tyrannis
Working Off The Clock 2012-03-07 Crossroads, Tyrannis, Lorastine
We Stick Together 2012-03-08 Crossroads, Tyrannis
The Little Host 2012-03-17 Crossroads, Tyrannis
A Day Off 2012-04-01 Crossroads, Tyrannis, Lorastine, Kyrk, Mollianne
Picking Up the Twins 2012-04-04 Crossroads, Lorastine, Mollianne, The Coldwater Twins
A Battle of Conviction 2012-04-21 Tyrannis, Kyrk
Food for Thought 2012-05-05 Crossroads, Lorastine, Mollianne, The Coldwater Twins
Optimism Among Pessimism 2012-05-12 Kyuubey, Aurum, Sylana, Rarity, Keeryu, Dachande, Helios, Reila
The Not-Cat and the Unicorn 2012-05-19 Kyuubey, Aurum, Rarity, Gearex, Tocit, Sylana, Mogwai, Teravin
The Hunter Arrives 2012-05-27 Zendra, Ezekial
A Quiet Sort of Drama 2012-06-02 Reila, Adbo, Sylana, Twilight Sparkle, Gale, Kyuubey, Helios
More Than the Clothes We Wear 2012-06-14 a Crossroads, Lorastine, Erica, Mollianne, The Coldwater Twins
A Friendly Nudge 2012-06-14 b Crossroads, Mollianne, Lorastine, Kyrk, Tyrranis
Fate's Accident 2012-06-14 c Crossroads, Tyrranis
Far Thunder 2012-06-30 Kyuubey, Rizar, Berrypunch, Mogwai, Helios, Bahamut, Sean
Conclusion at the Beach 2012-07-07 Kyrk, Tyrranis, Crossroads, Lorastine, Mollianne, Coldwater Twins
Pulling No Punches 2012-07-10 Kyuubey, Rarity, Echo
Making Them Understand 2012-07-14 Kyuubey, Twilight, Rizar, Helios, Mogwai, Berrypunch, Emoman
A Witch's Glee 2012-07-16 Kyuubey, Echo, Rarity
Idle Aftermath 2012-07-21 Kyuubey, Rizar, Finn, Helios, Mogwai, Nagol, Sweetie, Lowell
Two Ponies 2012-07-23 Kyuubey, Sweetie, Rarity
Glad to be Home 2012-08-04 Crossroads, Tyrranis, Lorastine
Two Threats 2012-8-05 Helios, Nagol, Mogwai, Finn, Kyuubey, Spitfire, Rizar, Tyrranis, Sweetie, Dusk
Helping Hands 2012-8-06 Tyrranis, Crossroads, Aemilia
A Lesson in Hopelessness 2012-8-11 Kyuubey, Helios, Bahamut, Mogwai, Finn, Nagol, Gearex, Crossroads, Spitfire
Todays's Moral: Mind Your Own Business 2012-8-12 Crossroads, Lorastine
Money Woes 2012-8-13 Tyrranis, Kyuubey
Darkness Rising 2012-8-15 Dusk, Finn, Rarity
Technology These Days 2012-8-17 Crossroads, Mogwai
Friends in Far-Away Places (1) 2012-8-17 Crossroads, Kyuubey, Twilight
Dwindling Patience 2012-8-19 Spitfire, Kyuubey
Friends in Far-Away Places (2) 2012-8-20 Tyrranis, Crossroads
The Unwanted Saviour 2012-8-25 Crossroads, Kyrk
Strike Two! 2012-8-30 Kyuubey, Kyrk, Rarity
Passing of the Torch 2012-8-31 Rarity, Sweetie, Finn
Everyone and their Friends 2012-9-1 Kyuubey, Kyrk, Avani, Demeter, Finn, Jake, Rizar, Nagol, MrSatan, Twilight, Vinyl, Helios, Mogwai, Zerstorung, Julexa
The Rogue 2012-9-1 Tyrranis, Crossroads, Kyrk
Experiments and Associates 2012-9-4 Dusk, Rarity
Days of Our Lives 2012-9-16 Kyrk, Helios, Mogwai, Finn, Crossroads, Terashi, Drifter, Sean, Bahamut, Nagol, Eevee, Spitfire
Newfound Ambition 2012-9-16 Crossroads, Lorastine
Lingering Peril 2012-9-25 Kyrk, Crossroads, Lorastine, Tyrranis
Fishing Away the Worries 2012-9-27 Crossroads, Tyrranis
The Darkest Hour 2012-10-6 Kyrk, Tyrranis, Lorastine, Crossroads, Mollianne
Two Weeks Following (1) 2012-10-21 Crossroads, Mollianne, Tyrranis
Two Days Following 2012-10-22 Crossroads, Tyrranis
Two Weeks Following (2) 2012-10-23 Crossroads, Mollianne
Its the Thought that Counts 2012-11-4 Mollianne, Kyuubey, Crossroads, Metroid
At Home 2012-11-27 Crossroads, Tyrranis
A Knight's Duty 2012-12-22 Dusk, Twilight
A Truly Generous Sending 2013-1-9 Dusk, Rarity
Looming 2013-1-16 The Coldwater Twins, Kyuubey, Crossroads, Tyrranis
Allies in Desperate Places 2013-1-26 Tyrranis, Crossroads, Johnathan, Miriam
The Threat of Loss 2013-2-17 Tyrranis, Crossroads, Lorastine, Johnathan
Premonitional Insight 2013-3-16 Crossroads, Mollianne, The Coldwater Twins, Ambience
'Mother' 2013-3-23 Mollianne, Ambience, The Coldwater Twins, Agetha
The Start of Another Season 2013-4-27 Mollianne, Agetha
An Unexpected Surprise 2013-5-26 Crossroads, Tyrranis
A New (Carved) Face 2013-6-02 Alcatraz, Kyuubey
Making Friends Already! 2013-6-06 Alcatraz, Echo
First Contact 2013-6-18 Alcatraz, Echo
Bad Judgment 2013-6-27 Mollianne, Crossroads
The Bullied 2013-6-27 Alcatraz, Kyuubey
Witch on the Mountain 2013-10-10 Alcatraz, Tyrranis
Missing?! 2013-11-09 Alcatraz, Tyrranis, Lorastine
Hunting Danger 2013-11-16 Tyrranis, Alcatraz, Lorastine
Remainders of Battle 2013-11-30 Tyrranis, Lorastine, Alcatraz
Cross and Tyrannis 2014-05-14 Tyrranis, Crossroads
Will They Blend? 2014-08-13 Kimen, Lorastine, Alcatraz, Forte
Just as Friends 2014-12-15 Alcatraz, Lorastine